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    Scope of Practice & Delegation

    Yes I would like to know if anyone on here is familiar with Idaho laws concerning LPN's delegating to Med Certified CNA's. Can an LPN lawfully delegate to a Medication Certified CNA to assist in the administration of a medication to a patient who needs assistance given that: -The LPN popped the meds from the pharmacy provided packaging in front of the aid. -The LPN signed them out. -The LPN gave specific directions to said Med Certified CNA on how to give these medications -The LPN had absolute trust in this specific Med Certified CNA to complete the task -The medications were routine, none were new meds being administered to this patient for the first time. -Finally, the LPN walked to the room with the Med Certified CNA before parting ways. Also, are there limitations to types of medications that can be passed by Med Certified CNA's in the state of Idaho? I have been reading the IDAPA Board of Nursing codes and it would seem to me that CNA's are under the category of UAP (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel) whom it would seem do not have their own scope of practice. Further on it reads that UAP's that have taken a medication course and passed as Med certified are allowed to pass medications so long as they are not the First Initial dose of a New med, and that they are not medications that require the direct nursing assessment for change in condition. Any expertise on this situation would be greatly appreciated.