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  1. Toby1987

    RN Endorsement from IL to Indiana

    Hi. Indiana said they will accept the CES coming from Illinois. I called Illinois IDFPR and they said they do not send out a copy of anyone's credentials. I'm still stuck. Praying I could get pass this.
  2. Toby1987

    Indiana RN Endorsement

    Hi! I'm a nursing graduate from the Philippines. I'm in the process of applying for an RN endorsement in Indiana from Illinois. Does anyone know how I could verify my education? I called IDFPR and they said they don't send a copy of anyone's CES report to another BON. But I do have a copy of my CES Report. Will Indiana accept it if I send it to them along with my application? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi! I am a foreign nursing graduate, holding an RN license in Illinois and I need to apply for an endorsement to Indiana. Does anybody know if Indiana accepts a CGFNS CES copy sent directly by Illinois? or should I re-apply for a new CES to be issued by CGFNS? Thank you!
  4. Toby1987

    Indiana Endorsement

    Has anybody tried endorsing their license from Illinois to Indiana? I’m from the Philippines. A few questions: 1. What is Indiana’s ORI# for Registered Nurses? I need it for my fingerprint card. 2. How do you do an out of state fingerprint scan? 3. Will Indiana accept CGFNS’ CES report in lieu of the transcript and high school diploma? thank you!!