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  1. Gerome

    Valparaiso Accelerated BSN/Indiana University NW

    Have you heard anything Emeeds? Are you going to go to Valpo May 2019?
  2. Anyone going to go to Valparaiso for the 15 month Accelerated BSN program beginning May 2019? any past students have any suggestions? How to do wel? How are Professors? What was your overall experience? I'm from California and plan to move back after I get my BSN.
  3. Gerome

    Valparaiso Accelerated BSN/Indiana University NW

    I was also accepted to Valpo's ABSN program. I'd also like to hear more from current/previous students. Did/Do you enjoy the program?
  4. Valparaiso University in Indiana
  5. Hello, I plan to attend Valparaiso University's Accelerated BSN program, and come back to California to work as an RN. I was wondering if it will be fairly easy to come back to California to work as a nurse after graduating from Valparaiso University. Valpararaiso University is accredited by CCNE. I just wanted to know if the program will meet the requirements in CA?
  6. Also, If you've attended Valparaiso in the past for nursing please let me know what you enjoyed about the program and also what you didn't enjoy.
  7. Hi all, I'm new here. I was was wondering if there's anyone else who has been accepted to Valparaiso University's 15 month Accelerated BSN program? I'm a transfer student from a California community college. I plan to work in California, do you know anyone who went to Valparaiso University and returned to work in California? What'd they need to do? what do you know about the overall quality of the program? Are the professors nice and helpful? Any tips for success? Thanks for any information you can provide