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  1. ktanderson

    SAC Nursing Program

    Let us know how you like it!! I applied for spring 2020.
  2. ktanderson

    San antonio college (sac) adn program spring 2019

    When did you get your acceptance letters for spring? I just applied.
  3. ktanderson

    San Antonio College Spring 2020

    Any other applicants?? I just sent mine in. I heard they don't send out acceptance letters until OCTOBER which is gonna be torture.
  4. ktanderson

    Anatomy is kicking my butt.. Do I even stand a chance?

    I'm having sort of the same problem with my microbiology. It's just SO MUCH material. We're doing a chapter a class, and every four chapters is a test. Two lab practicals a month. I have a 90 in the class by the skin of my teeth. If your instructor isn't that useful, is there a tutoring center at your school? Go there a LOT. If you can, stay after class to streamline your notes and re-write them neatly when it's still fresh in your mind (this is some of the best advice I ever got.) Flashcards are a must. Khan Academy has really good videos for it, too. Don't get discouraged, A&P is the most memorization-heavy class of all. Nursing school is much more about theory and application. Hang in there!
  5. ktanderson

    Mental health disclosure in CO

    I would double check with both the licensing board if they are allowed to ask that. I have bipolar and PTSD and receive minor accommodations from my college's disability center. Nothing that impede my actual learning or grasp of the material. They are not allowed to disclose my diagnosis to any instructors or reasons for the accomodation. When you get a job, you are NOT legally required to disclose any disability, ever.
  6. ktanderson

    San Antonio College Fall 2018

    Hey, so I'm almost done with my pre-reqs for SAC! How do you like it so far? What are the classes like?
  7. ktanderson

    remedial math

    If the classe are pass/fail, then they don't show up on your GPA at all. If you do great in college algebra, nobody's going to care what your remedial grades were. Chemistry is a LOT of math, like a lot a lot, and microbiology has a lot of chemistry in it, plus pharmacy stuff. So it's really worth going through the remedial math courses to get a really good foundation. I took three semesters of it, and it paid off immensely. I got my first 100 on a math test IN MY LIFE. I had to retake geometry in high school *and* chemistry, but I got As in both this time around. Just study study study, do all your homework, read all the chapters the night before class. Take notes during class, then have a separate notebook to write them in neater after school (writing involves both sides of your brain so it can help you remember.) Take all the practice tests or quizzes you can find, and go to tutoring even if you think you're doing well. The secret to math is just ALL repetition. Good luck!!
  8. ktanderson

    Microbiology is kicking my butt...

    What material have you gone over so far? What areas do you feel like you're struggling in? Do you feel like you follow along in lecture and lab okay, or reading through the book? Does your professor have office hours or tutoring? The Khan Academy microbiology videos have been my saving grace, I have an A in the class by the skin of my teeth. Definitely try and make flashcards, so much of micro is just that kind of memorization.