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  1. cvargas45

    Concordia College NY ABSN Fall 2019

    your fb link doesnt work , try mine https://www.facebook.com/christina.vargas.908132
  2. cvargas45

    Concordia College NY ABSN Fall 2019

    yay! do you want to connect? Do you know anything about the program? I will be going there as well.
  3. cvargas45

    Concordia College NY ABSN Fall 2019

    thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! I didnt see a thread on this. Anyone accepted or attending this program in the Fall?
  5. cvargas45

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    I honestlt dont remember GPA but for pre reqs I got: A & P I A A& P II B+ Statistics A Psych A Micro B+ Chemistry B + Undergrad GPA was a 3.8
  6. cvargas45

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    acceptance email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi !


    Also accepted, trying to learn more about the program. So far I hear good things and really liked the vibe of the school when I went to visit. 

    1. Leenurse924


      i read a really bad review and i  got scared, when did you visit the school?, Also are you starting in fall? 

  8. cvargas45

    Concordia College ABSN Fall 2019

    I havent seen a thread on this but wondering if anyone applied to this school located in Bronxville , NY? Anyone get accepted or know about the program?
  9. cvargas45

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    Has anyone applied to other schools as well? I also applied to Concordia in Westchester , anyone know about their program?
  10. cvargas45

    Pace ABSN FALL 2019

    I interviewed on 2/14 - 2 question prompts basically asking about yourself and you have 2 minutes to present yourself . They tell you not to be nervous or anything. My portal says decision made but not email yet so Im thinking that might be a rejection ? Not entirely sure. Goodluck to everyone!
  11. cvargas45

    Pace University ABSN Spring 2019

    I would like to apply for Fall 2019 and I am working on my last prerequisite now(will be done by Dec). Can I apply now or do I have to wait to be completed with my last prereq in order to apply? Soooooo nervous about the application process.