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  1. jsrnursing

    Failed NCLEX

    I took my NCLEX yesterday and got shut down at 75 questions and 15 special research questions with 30 SATAs, 3 drag and drops, and 2 math cals. What are my chances of failing NCLEX for the first time? I came out feeling like a complete failure. I knew absolutely nothing on the exam. I even used all of UWORLD testbank and self assessment and utilize the entire content of HURST. Did anyone feel that way when they came out? I felt like the NCLEX was a completely different ballgame from everything I studied. I tried the pvt and it gave me the good pop up, but I think it's too early to really know because my results are not available yet. I don't know my results until tomorrow, but can someone please pray for me and give me reassurance??
  2. jsrnursing

    Houston Winter 2019 Nurse Residency Programs

    I also got rejected from Children's for the NICU position. I heard they were only taking 4 new grads. Don't feel too bad! I hope you get into Methodist!