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  1. LVN_Flower

    Save your $100k and get your BSN elsewhere!

    Yes, its a new program that is starting sometime in May. But be careful, they ware not WASC accredited. Read about that accreditation when you have time before applying.
  2. LVN_Flower

    The TEAS Test, why does it make or break?

    Its another form of extra income for the schools requiring it. The more you fail, the more money the school can make off of you because you are determined to get into a nursing program and are willing to pay the $70 to take the exam. Just imagine if 20 prospective nursing students take the TEAS in one day at $70 per person, you do the math. Its almost always going to be about money and generating more income for the school. And yea, the best scores have a higher chance of getting in the first try.
  3. LVN_Flower

    Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    You all are such haters! she wants to be a nurse because she has the ability to care for a person. You wouldn't want her to be your nurse if she couldn't pass the TEAS?? YOU wouldn't even know if she passed her TEAS or not! since she's caring for you as a patient! are you going to ask every RN that's caring for you if they passed the TEAS prior to caring for you? probably not! she may be a great nurse if given the chance. The TEAS is just a marketing/money making scam that these schools take a cut from the fee that they charge you as the prospective student. Don't you all get it?? This TEAS exam is brand new! ATI came up with a way to market their brand and make money by scamming prospective nursing students out their money by convincing the nursing schools that they should provide an entrance exam (TEAS) to their application process.. The nursing schools makes money and ATI makes money. Everyone is happy except the prospective student that has to shell out money because he/she can't pass the stupid test. We have RN's from other countries that come here and start to work as an RN, they didn't have to take any entrance exam! but hey, they will be your nurse. are you going to ask the foreign RN if she passed an entrance exam prior to caring for you? probably not! but your life is in their hands, right? you would trust a foreign RN but you won't trust one who is trying to get into an RN program here in the states? Think about it people, ATI is a scam. There are good RNs that didn't take an entrance exam because it didn't exist, and there are bad RN's that did take the TEAS and are caring for your family member.
  4. LVN_Flower


    Oh OK, thank you for that information! Is it too late to apply? I'll just check online! LOL
  5. LVN_Flower


    does this school require TEAS?
  6. LVN_Flower

    TEAS 6th Edition S.2.2. Question #1

    There really shouldn't be any errors in this stupid book, considering that this is a deciding factor of whether an RN program will accept you/your scores or not. ATI makes a ton of money off this scam, they should have it proof read multiple times before publication. I hate that there are so many errors in this book. If I fail the TEAS (which in my humble opinion is a waste of my money, I may not get into the program due to typo errors.) Its all about making money off everyone, and finding ways to make even more by adding all these stupid entrance exams that have no bearing on whether you will exceed in your nursing skills and abilities or not. Again, my personal, humble opinion.
  7. LVN_Flower

    Save your $100k and get your BSN elsewhere!

    Very true, but when it comes to the wallet, we must all do our research before making these "for profit" companies richer than us.
  8. LVN_Flower

    Help! Gurnick or Mission College LVN?

    Probably not. Gurnick is not WASC accredited which means, most public schools will not accept Gurnick transcripts. Don't waste your money.
  9. Gurnick Academy in Concord, CA. is starting the LVN to BSN program in May. Its a 2 year program, M-F 8-5 with clinicals on the weekends 8-5. TEAS is required. I just spoke with the advisor regarding their accreditation and here's what I found: Gurnick is NOT WASC accredited which means, your BACHELORS degree is worth: zilch if you cannot transfer to earn your Masters degree or become a NP. You may not be able to get a MASTERS degree with a BACHELORS degree from Gurnick. Unless you go to a FOR PROFIT school. State colleges/Universities may not accept your BSN from Gurnick. Gurnick is accredited by the national institutional accreditation by the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education and is a private institution approved to operate by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Please, please make sure that if you plan on attending Gurnick's LVN to BSN program and want to eventually pursue higher education from a public university, make sure you do your due diligence and make sure the university will accept transfer credits/BSN degree from Gurnick before you fork out $100,000 for a BSN degree. That is a lot of money!
  10. There is a university that does allow those with a degree to waive the TEAS exam. So, I was just wondering if this exist in CA.
  11. LVN_Flower

    If I have an A.S. Degree already, do I still need to..

    oh ok.. thank you!
  12. I earned my Associates degree in Liberal Arts a couple of years ago, and was wondering if the TEAS exam could be waived?? I live in California. Thank you!
  13. take the TEAS exam?? I earned my Associates degree in Liberal Arts a couple of years ago, and was wondering if the TEAS exam could be waived?? I live in California. Thank you!
  14. LVN_Flower

    SJVC Visalia LVN to RN Program

    I called, and it was explained to me because I was confused as to the process.
  15. LVN_Flower

    SJVC Visalia LVN to RN Program

    They have the top 10 alternates, those alternates know what rank they are in range of 1-10. The next list is another 10 alternates, those alternates do not know what rank they are. So, basically, the first 10 alternates will get in IF anyone drops from the program or can't qualify with financial aid.

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