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  1. ***Long post ahead*** So a bit of background about myself: I have been a nurse for just over two years now and am 24 years old (I know this thread is for the first year after licensure, but I thought this might be a good spot to stick this because I still feel relatively new). I graduated in spring 2016 and landed my "dream" job as a new grad in L&D. My mother was an L&D nurse, and this was my passion all through nursing school. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I landed this job the day after I interviewed, and immediately took the offer. Unfortunately, I was naive at this time and learned of the many flaws of my unit. I worked on a 16-bed high risk inner-city L&D, extremely understaffed (received a minimum of 2 help texts per day asking for more nurses to come in, incentive contract after incentive contract being offered), flawed leadership (unit manager left, interim manager for 6+ months, maternal/child health director had left her position as well). I was constantly anxious and overworked during my shifts. I told myself that a lot of my feelings were attributed to me being new, and that I obviously needed more confidence and experience in order for these feelings to dissipate. Needless to say, I miserably stuck this position out for 1.5 years and left the hospital this January with such a bad taste in my mouth. I was at a crossroads because I was so stuck on L&D, I had no backup plan, no alternative. I knew I wasn't interested in med-surg/older adults. Not looking for ED/ICU either. I do enjoy maternal/child health overall. Maybe I could enjoy pediatrics. Regardless, I left and convinced myself that I would enjoy a position as a public health nurse with the local health department. We have a nurse-run clinic on most days of the week, with clinicians here 1x/week for family planning. We offer birth control, paps/breast exams, and immunizations as our services to name a few. This was a big schedule change, too, and I work M-F, rather than three 12's/week. I have been at my current position for 8 months and I enjoy it. Do I love it enough to be my forever job? No. Is it more tolerable than the last job? Absolutely. This feels like a more transitional position to me while I figure my stuff out, if that makes sense. So, what do I have to complain about? I understand that no job is perfect. But, I do feel like something is missing. Now that my nervous system has calmed down from my last job (I suffered from a lot of anxiety post L&D position), I feel a bit bored. Worried I'll lose my skills. Worried I am not a "real" nurse being in this position. I'm so young, and I know I have a lot to offer. Ideally, when I left school, I wanted to get my L&D experience and then do travel nursing. Now, travel nursing seems so far away from me. Things I have learned about myself as a person, and career traits: -I have a love and necessity for travel and adventure. I frequently fantasize about quitting my job to travel long term for a bit. -I am very into the self-care movement, holistic practices, and spiritual realms. -I love education. Whether it's for patients, peer-to peer, or self-learning, I am there. -I like being able to take my time with my patients when possible. -I have learned that I enjoy a moderately predictable environment. Meaning overall I can know what to expect, but enjoy changes and challenges to make the day interesting. Lately, I have considered going back to a different hospital to try mother/baby, but I am cautious because I am getting frustrated of hopping from position to position with no real passion or love for it. I am also taking some master's classes next spring to get general courses out of the way for when I eventually decide to go back to school. Any and all advice/wisdom is welcome, and thank you so much if you stuck around to read this in its entirety.