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  1. courtneylea

    Indiana Nursing Programs

    Thank you, I will look into their program. It looks like it's quite far for me but at this point I am willing to move for 14 months to be able to do a program. Thank you very much!
  2. courtneylea


    I have a phone meeting with IUPUI on Monday but am super impatient. Does anyone on here know if IUPUI's second degree nursing program will accept transfer credits from ivy tech. I am wanting to retake my prerequisites and am trying to do them online through ivy tech for psychology, sociology, A&P1 and A&P 2. The credits for psychology and sociology I am not too concerned on as they're both 3 credits but A&P at ivy tech are 3 credits and IU schools are 5 each.
  3. courtneylea

    Indiana Nursing Programs

    I didn't look at ball state but that definitely could be something I could look into. I was told their program was just as difficult to get into but at this point I'm looking at anything that could potentially move me forward. I tried Marian University; I know their program is closer to a "direct entry" due to the program cost but I have too many C's from my undergrad to be considered until Fall of 2019. Financial aid isn't really an issue because I only took out 2000 dollars in loans for my undergrad so I should have enough room for loans.
  4. courtneylea

    Indiana Nursing Programs

    My only issue has been that I know our Ivy Tech is very competitive and like I said with my GPA unless I take a few more semesters to retake my prerequisites (which will push my time frame back even further). I looked into WGU but I learn best in a classroom setting and with it being completely online I feel as though I will fall behind in something as in depth as nursing. I may just have to bite the bullet and retake my classes and put getting into actual nursing school on hold. Did you like the ADN program and do you feel prepared?
  5. courtneylea

    Indiana Nursing Programs

    I am currently a high school health and pe teacher trying to see if I have a chance of getting into any nursing program in Indiana. I hold a previous BS in health promotions and did a program for teaching. My GPA for my BS was a 3.05 (Very low was young took hard classes and just wanted to graduate) Teaching degree program GPA 3.35. I've looked at Ivy Tech (been told just as difficult to get into in my area) but I really want my BSN because I may end up getting my masters as well. am wanting to do an accelerated program but hear the IUPUI's program is impossible to get into. Anyone done these programs in indiana and have any idea of what gpa and teas scores look like? I feel every time I take 1 step forward in deciding to go back for nursing I take 3 steps back due to my old grades. Any advice from people who know of these programs or currently in them? ADN or ABSN?
  6. courtneylea

    Straighterline A&P 1

    I want to apply to a cohort in February so I have some time just want to get all my ducks in a row lol I just am in the same boat where my science GPA isn't high enough so I am having to retake A&P 1 and A&P 2. I just didn't want to get myself into a situation where I get a lower grade than what I previously had or anything like that.
  7. courtneylea

    Straighterline A&P 1

    Have you taken anatomy before? At the school I went to, granted I took it 5 years ago, we did anatomy for one semester then physiology for the following semester. I have to get an A in the class so I want to make sure it's obtainable before I bite the bullet and start the course.
  8. courtneylea

    Straighterline A&P 1

    Has anyone used straighterline for A&P 1 and 2 to strengthen their science GPA for WGU's prelicensure BSN program? I am a high school teacher and don't want to try to make a community college class fit my schedule and travel for it but could probably make something work if I needed to. Questions! 1. Since it was a second time taking A&P Was it difficult to get through the course quickly/accelerate? 2. How does the lab component work? 3. Did you feel it was beneficial to do this over a local community college class?
  9. courtneylea

    Indiana WGU Prelicensure program

    Awesome thank you, i will try to boost my posts on here. I greatly appreciate your willingness to help!
  10. courtneylea

    WGU Prelicensure Program-Indiana

    How is the Indianapolis program going for you? I have been looking for information for the specific program but can not seem to find anything!
  11. courtneylea

    Accepted into Indy Program- Start June 1St!

    How is the Indianapolis program? I am applying for it now and can not seem to find any information on that particular program!
  12. I have been trying to research the program for Indiana at Western Governors University and have not found any personal testimonies or information on the program that is in Indiana. I am very interested in this program as I would be getting my third degree this time around and can not afford to not have a job if I were to go back to nursing school. I am currently a high school teacher and wanted to inquire about the flexability and probability of completing this program with a previous bachelors degree any personal testimonies would be apprecaited! :)