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  1. RileyLD

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    Anyone hear yet?
  2. RileyLD

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    I had called the Tulsa campus with some questions. One of the women in the deparment ( I can't remember which now) told me that the meet and greet type thing would be mid February. She said "it won't help you make a decision as everyone will know by then, but at least you'll be able to get an idea of what's coming before the program starts". EEEEK. Also, I looked in my inbox from the year I had applied previously (2015) and received an acceptance email on Nov 16th. So about a month after deadline.
  3. RileyLD

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    Which campus are you applying to?
  4. RileyLD

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    Not set in stone. You can always email and ask when they think they'll be making decisions. Or have your mom call - not that I've ever done this of course :X
  5. RileyLD

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    First week of February is the usual timeline. So soon!
  6. RileyLD

    OU ABSN 2019

    Hi! I am here! I have applied and was accepted a couple years ago, but then we decided to have another baby and I put it off. I applied to the Tulsa campus and am going to the meet and greet on Feb 18th.
  7. RileyLD

    OU ABSN 2018 (2017 Applicant)

    Thank you for your response! We just received an email stating they are having a meet and greet type thing Feb 18th for the Tulsa campus with students so I am looking forward to speaking with current students.

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