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    California RN to tele PT ratios

    I work at a small critical access hospital in northern California. We have a basic Med/surg unit that has everything Peds, tele, comfort care, some oncology... We have been trying to figure out the RN to PT ratio for a tele pt or a peds pt, (standard ratio for MS unit is 1:5). All we can find is the ratio is 1:4 both tele or peds. The way we (RNs working of the unit) understand it is if you have 1 patient that is on Tele the you are maxed out at 4 patients. What our unit manager is telling us is that to be maxed at 4 all 4 of them have to be tele, so what she is telling us is that if the RN has 3 tele patients then they are maxed out at 5 not 4. Is there anyone who here that can help clarify this, and do you have any written material to back it up so we can present it to our manager, so my staff is safe and compliant with the ratios. Thanks