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  1. Makalisia

    University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, KS

    Hi Dadang, Thank you so so much for responding. You don't know how ecstatic i was when I got your response because I have tried so hard to get info for so long. You answered all my questions and reassured all my uncertainties now I can go ahead and finish up my document submission process. Yes I definitely wold love to buy books from you. How can we go about this? Also congratulations on your job offer! I will be in school on June 26th so I'm hoping I will be able to meet you then? Regards, Makalisia
  2. Makalisia

    University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, KS

    Hi Dadang, I am due to begin the USM accelerated program this summer and all efforts to get any info from current or past students on the state of the program has been futile. Please did you finally attend the school? If so how was it please? Thank you for your time.
  3. Makalisia

    Creighton (Phoenix) ABSN Fall 2019

    Wow! Congratulations to you! that was quick. Did you get into the Phoenix campus?
  4. Makalisia

    Creighton (Phoenix) ABSN Fall 2019

    Hi. Did you hear from Becca herself? I tried to call her a few times but got no response.
  5. Makalisia

    Duquesne University Fall 2019 Accelerated BSN

    Hi everyone! Thanks for creating this page @mnk100 and congrats to those accepted. I also received my acceptance letter for the fall program today, yayyy!! I have acceptance from four other schools but Duquesne is top on my chart for now, though it is the most expensive. I am waiting on Creighton University which is another school I really like. I applied to Duquesne after reading a lot of positive comments ( and a few negative ones, lol) about their nursing program on this site. If i get accepted by Creighton, I would be very confused as to which of them to choose. Please if anyone has any knowledge of how both schools rank, I will really appreciate it pleaseeeee. Congrats again!
  6. Makalisia

    USF MSN CNL non nurse spring 2019

    Hi everyone! I finally decided to join this forum today. Thanks to all those who have kept the forum alive. I got wait-listed too and I'm staying positive about an admission soon. Good luck everyone.
  7. Makalisia

    Is nursing for me? Having trouble in anatomy?

    Hi, It may be hard for you to believe this but i specifically created this account just to respond to your post. I had the same problem with Anatomy. I was battling the fact that there was so much memorizing to do and I didn't take my studies serious until after my second mid-term exam. It was like some scales suddenly fell off my eyes!! I was on a D just like you with one more mid-term (exam and practicals) and a few homeworks left. I went to discuss with my professor and he was diplomatic about telling me what to do but I sensed from his words and expressions that he was doubtful of my ability to pass the class. My niece who is a nurse encouraged me to finish the class that I could still make it. I hate failing at ANYTHING i commit myself to so I knew dropping as far as I was concerned, meant I had failed, hence, i made up my mind to WIN. I ate, slept, drank, walked and talked Anatomy from that day. I listened to Anatomy lectures on YouTube when driving to and from work (I was working two jobs by the way), in the gym, while taking walks. Mind you I generally do not enjoy studying but I loved Anatomy by force and thanks to God, I ended the class with a strong B!! My point is to let you know that passing Anatomy even with your current D is not impossible. It will be very difficult, it may disorganize your life temporarily, but, it is not impossible. The question is ARE YOU READY? Answer this question genuinely. If you're ready to give it 150% from today, then don't drop it but if you have doubts, you may consider dropping it. Only you can genuinely answer this question. Its all in your hands and if you make up your mind to, sincerely, then you will. Best of luck to you!!