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  1. Thank you!!
  2. So I Woodland hills requested my snap shot to be turned in by the 5th and now the application status says "talent acquisition interview scheduled", does anyone know what that mean?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm an internal candidate applied to Pan city, Woodland hills and Downey. I haven't received the snapshot as of yet. Has anyone heard anything back as of yet?
  4. Hey there I had a friend apply for the bridge as well but she had 82 points but no email. Would you mind if I ask if you currently work at county?
  5. Jenlovespugs

    West Coast U - Los Angeles

    Hey slyvalleygirl, I have a friend looking into this school and she was trying to find out is theres weekend and evenings. I started my program somewhere else but she cant do those hours. Really appreciate it!
  6. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    Did they send out any orientation information with the generic acceptance letters?
  7. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    My letter just asked me to accept an option, did yours come with any additional instructions or orientation info?
  8. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    Did anyone else apply for the bridge?
  9. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    Thanks Franco! Hey Ccca, I have been working acute care so that allowed me to apply for the bridge. They ask for a letter from your employer that details your duties and hours worked but aside from that there wasn't anything more specific asked for.
  10. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    I received an acceptance email from Torrance for the bridge program today. Has anyone else heard back?
  11. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    Nothing yet on my end. I applied for the bridge program so I was told the points dont apply to us but I'm not sure how that goes. Has anyone tried calling?
  12. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College Spring 2018

    Hey guys! I know this is an old thread but I'm wondering if anyone had any information on how the course is going. There isnt much info about the class schedule for el camino or people that entered the bridge program. If anyone sees this and responds, I'll greatly appreciate it.
  13. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino Nursing Program Fall 2018

    Hey guys I know this post is from last semester but I'm a recent applicant and want to know what people think of El Co. Any lvns that did the bridge program? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope all of.your nursing adventures are going well.
  14. I was accepted as well, my friend hasn't heard back as of yet though. Anyone else get anything? I'll see my fellow accepted classmates at orientation.
  15. Jenlovespugs

    El Camino College (ECC) Spring 2019

    Looks like they sent out a phase 3 email asking for TEAS results for those that have already taken the test. We will still need to wait for those that are testing next week to be scored and reviewed before we find out but at least its moving along now. Good luck everyone!
  16. Thanks for the information, hoping we hear back soon.