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  1. NurseRFlowers

    West Coast University spring 2019

    Where did go for your RN
  2. NurseRFlowers

    Challenging the LVN Board

    How long did you wait from the time you applied to actual testing
  3. NurseRFlowers

    VN Licensure by Examination by Equivalency

    Hello all, I completed my LVN with an AA program in CA but I did not pass the exit exam by 3 points . Now I have to go method 3 in order to test . I guess that would be challenging the board .. although I have emails from my college saying the would send my paperwork method 1 when I entered the program you needed an 80 for method 1 in the mist of me graduating and my paper work being sent they changed their standards to having a 85 . Boards received my paperwork May2018 but they are currently processing paperwork from December2017 ... which's gives me about 6 months continuing to wait for an ATT . Has anyone ever experiences this ? What did you do while waiting ? Do I have any options other than waiting ? PS my overall gpa was 3.3 I am very confident in what I know and also made honor roll