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  1. Chels3

    Passed NCLEX RN WITH 75 questions!

    Thank you! ☺️
  2. Chels3

    Passed NCLEX RN WITH 75 questions!

    Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Chels3

    Passed NCLEX RN WITH 75 questions!

    Hello all, Ipromised myself once I pass the NCLEX, I would come back and write my testimonial. I passed my NCLEX on the 3rd time with 75 questions. This journey has been very tough mentally, spiritually, emotionally but 1 thing about me... no matter what—- I ALWAYS pick myself up and try again. There were times where I felt so defeated and didn’t think nursing was for me anymore. I’m so glad I got out of that mindset with the help of prayer. I just want to encourage somebody (even if it’s just 1 person) to please NOT give up. I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel. We all know the information, but anxiety can sometimes get in the way of seeing that. I’ve seen my fellow classmates all got their license way before I did/working and it honestly had put me down because I didn’t have mines but I knew that someday I would be in the same position. For anyone wondering, I used UWorld and mark klimek lectures. I’ve used Kaplan before but it did not work for me in past attempts. This time with UWorld, I made sure to take my time and really understand the questions/ rationales. I studied every system in the body and took notes! I made sure to take as much notes as possible. I took a mock exam on UWorld and had a “very high chance of passing”. In previous attempts I would get borderline, so I knew this time, I REALLY knew the questions. I also managed my anxiety the day of the exam. That helped ALOT! I knew I was going to pass because I just felt so confident, and the energy I felt was way different than my past attempts. I give all the thanks to GOD. He truly gave me the strength I needed to overcome this exam. I wish you all luck and hopefully this encouraged you to KEEP GOING! You got this. If I can do it, so can you!