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    GA Paramedic looking for guidance

    Hi! New user, I've hovered a lot, and read a lot, but now I'm deciding to actually participate in discussion. I'd like some feedback from nurses in GA. I've worked in EMS for nearly 5 years, started from an EMT-Basic and worked my way up to paramedic recently. I'm really getting burned out with EMS; 24hr shifts, little sleep, long-distance, critical patient transfers spanning 2-3 or more hours, and I'm really losing my taste for emergency medicine. I would love a career that gave me some excitement, but also stability. The constant adrenaline rush is beginning to take a toll on me. I wouldn't say I'm ready to leave healthcare 100% yet. I want to obtain my nursing degree, I'm really leaning towards my LPN for numerous reasons, one being I'm only 1 class away from applying to Practical Nursing school. However, I'm catching a lot of opposing opinions with the few I have mentioned this to. Many of them say, "Why bother with LPN? You'll make more as an RN" true, but it's not totally about who money for me. Some say, "Don't waste your time, you've already got your medic, just bridge to RN" With that, I'm really not saving any time, I would still have to take 2-3 semesters of prerequisite courses before I could even apply to RN program. Then the constant (and everyone's favorite), "It's a waste of time, LPN's are phasing out, and soon won't be used at all." With RN school, I would also hate to devote so much time, and money, only to find out...I don't really care for nursing! Because, I'm really not sure until I get into it and give it a try. On the other hand, I feel I could get into it, thoroughly enjoy it, and still have option to bridge if I wanted to. I guess what I would like to know, is for the GA LPN's do you feel it was worth it to obtain and keep your LPN license? Do you struggle finding work outside of SNF or LTCF? Do you struggle to make ends meet with an LPN salary? Is it a rewarding feeling at the end of a day? Or do you feel like you're doing all the same work, but less perks because you're an LPN and not an RN? Very interested to to hear all your feedback, it would GREATLY be appreciated.