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    Need help deciding

    Hello all, I am a CA RN and I have come to this forum because I need the opinion of you all to help me decide what program to go with. I have been accepted into a FNP at I hate to say it but a diploma mil school, it is cheap (will cost me 24,000) and I will be done in 19 months. I have also been accepted into a DNP AGACNP program from a great school with the option of applying to get into their dual masters acute care and FNP Program. With this school it will take 2.5 years to before I can apply for licensure and begin working and another 1.5 before I finish the DNP portion (5 years total) it will also cost me 60,000. In California there is not much use for an acute care nurse practitioner but I really like the idea of becoming dual certified and having that knowledge base. With that being said should I go the easy route or should I proceed with the DNP program. My opinion is that the DNP Is a great way to future proof myself because I am of the opinion that with all these diploma mills pumping out FNP’s the only way to distinguish yourself from the rest and hopefully get those lucrative higher paying jobs is to be DNP prepared, but at the same time I believe experience speaks louder that what school is listed on your resume. Any thoughts ? I need to decide quickly, thank you all