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  1. Yellowdiamonds

    Advice from practice nurses?

    Hi it's a nurse that works in a general medical practice. I.e GP surgery.
  2. Yellowdiamonds

    Advice from practice nurses?

    Hi all! I have an interview for a practice nurse coming up. Any tips on scenarios I may be asked etc would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Yellowdiamonds

    Newly qualified (sept 2018) I need advice!

    Hi, Thanks for your reply! I think you are right, the problem is I worked here as a care assistant and know all the staff well. I have worked along side them and I am finding it hard to say no I am busy with this just now. Genuinely, I think nurses should wear the tabard while doing meds and should not be disturbed unless it is urgent. I can now see it from both sides as carer and nurse. As a carer I had it great in there, got all my breaks, never stressed and really enjoyed my job. Now as a nurse I am very stressed, trying to keep everyone happy by trying to help everyone, constantly apologising when I have to be off the floor to deal with GP visits etc. I just want to leave but unfortunately, the job situation in my area is not great right now.
  4. Hi everyone, first time posting here! So I qualified Last month and have been in my job for in August. I am working in a nursing home. (Previously worked here as a carer), anyway I am really struggling, I feel like I do not have the knowledge or understanding for many clinical decisions. I am scared and have no support or training on the job. I am severely stressed as the nurses in this home are counted in the staffing numbers and are expected to be on the floor assisting the care assistants with getting residents washed/dressed etc. Which is fine, I love this part of the job as I have been a carer for ten years and I feel this is the best time to chat with you patients etc, however I am struggling because I am running around doing meds at the same time and dealing with gp visits etc. All medication rounds are interrupted and the carers approach me with "eh you will need to help me as (resident) needs the toilet etc. I do not mind taking anyone to the toilet, however I feel that nurses should not be getting interrupted whilst doing mrs rounds when they're other staff who can assist. I feel I am not getting a chance to learn medications and take my time because I am expected to be doing so many other things at the same time. I am then left having no breaks and leaving half an hour later than I should because I am then having to catch up with writing notes for my patients as I haven't had time throughout my shift because I have been too busy helping the care assistants. Now they get all their breaks with no interruptions ( as everyone should). I am feeling completely exhausted and burnt out! What should I do? I just feel like one day I had a student uniform on where I was full of enthusiasm and eager to learn and the next day I have a staff nurse uniform on and feeling completely out of my depth and exhausted trying to help the carers. Many advice would be great! Thank you!