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  1. Kala24

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    I’m off the waitlist and accepted to OU Tulsa! Can’t wait to meet some of you at orientation in April!
  2. Kala24

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    I’m also on the alternate list. Fingers crossed!
  3. Kala24

    OU 2019 absn (2018 applicant)

    I have applied for the 2019 ABSN program! Tulsa is my preference, but I also applied to OKC.
  4. Kala24

    OU ABSN 2019

    I'm applying for Tulsa and OKC, but my preference is Tulsa.
  5. Kala24

    OU ABSN 2018 (2017 Applicant)

    Hello! To those of you that were accepted and currently in the program- I'd love to hear from you about your experience so far!
  6. Kala24

    OU ABSN 2019

    Hey there! I am applying for OU's ABSN program that starts Summer 2019. I graduated with my bachelors degree this summer and now I'm finishing up my final prerequisite (Human Physiology) this semester. Any others find their way on here yet? Would love to meet others through this process!