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    KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I think they actually do take letters of recommendation into consideration. I also think it's good that hooyagetitin has these years of outreach and hospital internship experience. According to item 7 on the ADN application: "Health-Related Work Experience or Training: Additional consideration will be given for those applicants completing health-related work experience or training prior to application. The letter of reference should document the applicant’s direct patient care experience in a health-related field as evidenced by completion of a training program, work experience or physician verification of care giving experience. Official academic transcripts or a copy of certification should be submitted to document the applicant’s completion of a training program." I agree in that the C's might hold the person down but the experiences this person has may help make up for it. Best thing to do is ask though because I could be wrong.
  2. bluewhale3


    Hey guys! Did anyone get their letters yet? I'm still waiting for mine...

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