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  1. jdj147

    UCLA New Grad Residency Program Winter 2019

    congrats to those with offers! For those who have received them, are you internal or external candidates?
  2. jdj147

    UCLA New Grad Residency Program Winter 2019

    Erl it was nice meeting you at the interview! Email me at joslij46@uwosh.edu with your contact info :) Jillian
  3. jdj147

    CA RN license help

    So I am really hoping to move to CA from WI after graduation once I can find a job. I have heard from several people that it is easier and less time to apply directly for a CA license than it is to have a WI transferred. So I already paid the $400 for the application to the CA BON. They are set to review my application in a few weeks--by then my school will hopefully have everything sent. I am still worried that this process will take a few more months based on what I am hearing, and I would hate to have this all be for nothing--such as having issues getting the licensure. If I get the WI license, I would have to pay an additional $100 and then $400 to have it transferred to CA. Should I just be patient and trust the CA process?? I submitted in early Sept. Or should I try for WI and transfer??