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  1. cinnamon19

    2019 UPENN BSN/MSN

    Waitlisted! Hoping I will be offered a spot.... I have mixed feelings.
  2. cinnamon19

    Boston College Direct Entry MSN 2019

    I was rejected! I have already committed to another program but felt like putting my result here anyways. My stats are decent, but I am still in undergrad and lack any real interesting healthcare experience. I will say, though, that the idea of entering an MSN program when the DNP will be the new NP standard by 2021 is not appealing to me in the slightest.
  3. cinnamon19

    2019 UPENN BSN/MSN

    Hi I am an ABSN applicant just wanted to join any discussion about Penn's program since there is really not much being posted about the direct entry MSN or ABSN programs. I read somewhere that they are unable to interview everyone, but I am unsure if getting or not getting an interview determines one's likelihood of being accepted/strongly considered.
  4. cinnamon19

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Who else applied to a couple of other schools and is waiting to hear back? I definitely want to go to Nova and wish I could just commit, but I put in the time and money to apply to a few other schools too and need to wait on their response.
  5. cinnamon19

    UPenn ABSN/MSN 2019

    Hi! I applied just for the ABSN program. I was recently accepted to another program, but Penn is my top choice and I am nervous for the wait. Hoping to hear from more applicants!
  6. cinnamon19

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Also accepted!! Reading that acceptance letter didn't even feel real. Congrats to everyone else who will be joining the May 2019 cohort!!
  7. cinnamon19

    Villanova Second Degree Accelerated BSN 2019

    Hello everyone...new here and trying to bump this thread to talk to more of you! I applied to a few of the accelerated BSN programs but I am hoping to commit to Villanova if I am accepted! Does anyone have any idea how competitive this program is? I'm not sure what to expect from any school (besides the Ivies)