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  1. New Grad LTAC

    Hi Hopeful RN! I ended up working at an LTAC for about 7 mos before landing a job at an acute care hospital on a tele floor. Looking back, I would not recommend it for new grads as the training and support you'll get on the floor was just...abys...
  2. New Grad LTAC

    Hi all! I'm a new grad as of May 2020 and have been job hunting since then (and before if you count applying to new grad residencies!). I was just offered a job at an LTAC, noc shift and have been reading through this forum on everyone's experience. ...
  3. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Hey! I'm actually an out of state applicant - moved out to Mass to get my BSN and am applying so I can hopefully move back to the Sacramento area. Debated for a long while where to get my initial licensure and ultimately decided on CA due to how long...
  4. UVM New Grad Residency

    Hi! I applied to the new grad residency program about 2 weeks ago and just had all my references completed about a week ago. Was just curious if anyone know anything about the length of the process or how it typically goes. Or more information on the...
  5. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    I saw on previous posts that people received decision emails around Nov 16th/17th last year so hopefully we'll also hear back around that time! Waiting definitely sucks.
  6. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    Does anyone happen to know if it's a group or one person interview?
  7. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    I also just got an interview today, was definitely not expecting it! Nov 5 as well at 1:45pm!
  8. MCPHS Worcester ABSN Spring 2019

    I've only seen the one for accepted students that's like, everyone in every program for the upcoming semester but I haven't seen one specifically for this cohort!
  9. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    I thought this is actually pretty fast, tbh. A lot of the schools I've already applied to won't get back to me until Feb/March on a decision. And I think it's pretty typical to give people 2-4 wks notice for interviews. Definitely is frustrating if y...
  10. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    Nope, but had a heart attack when they sent me an e-mail about boosting grad apps this morning.
  11. MCPHS Worcester ABSN Spring 2019

    Hi! I applied through NursingCAS and ended up e-mailing them to see when I might hear back and was told my app was processing the next day so it might help to check in! I got accepted the following week. My overall GPA was a 3.3 and my prereq was lik...
  12. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    I applied to the women's health track! Have a few years experience in that area so figured it made the most sense. I am a little confused though as to what this means for employment afterwards. I know we all will learn about each discipline. But will...
  13. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    I THINK from what I've read on old threads that like 80-100 apply and 25ish get spots so I'm guessing like 30ish get interviews? 40?? This is all speculation of course. I've also read on other threads that they usually send out invites on fridays? Or...
  14. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    Yeahhh, unfortunately the due date for deposit is like riiiiiiight when we should be hearing back from SFSU but it's okay. So we should be hearing like end of next week-ish, right?
  15. SFSU ELM-A Spring 2019

    Hi! I also applied to this program and have been regularly checking allnurses for a thread to pop up for the upcoming spring! I did already get into an ABSN program in MA, but waiting to hear from SFSU to make a decision as I'd love to go there. Defi...