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  1. LPN shots

    I just need to vent

    I do try to avoid her as much as I can. She works under me so there are times that we have to speak about the patients. She will not talk to me if the other nurse is there because of the trouble she has caused with that nurse. I usually have the other nurse go with me when she states an incident has happened because she will exaggerate things and I always want a witness so she couldn't say I didn't take something seriously. I always treat everything she reports seriously and follow the facilities protocol to make sure that nothing ever comes back that I ignored anything. We work night shift so no supervisor is there. Just 4 LPN's and about 6 CNAs. After the other nurse and CNA stated that what we were talking about/laughing about had nothing to do with the incident or the patent (or any other incident or patient), that's when the supervisor said that she believed it was a false accusation. I mean I have two witnesses who were apart of the conversation that said we were discussing weekend plans. The supervisor basically said that she knew this CNA had been causing problems with the staff but since no one has written her up she doesn't have a paper trail to be able to do anything to her/fire her. This is the first time she has ever done anything like this to me so I have never had a reason to write her up. The supervisor is known to hearing things happen and not doing anything because she wants other people to be the bad guy. Basically if she tries to press this that I laughed at a patient getting hurt and tries to change her story to that no one was there, I didn't know what would happen. This happened yesterday morning and I haven't heard anything else about it but I did not work last night.
  2. LPN shots

    I just need to vent

    I am really sorry this is really long. I have been at my job for 5 months and I am loving it. Everyone and everything is great. Until about a month ago. One CNA got upset with the nurse that I work with. No one know exactly what upset her but she basically ignores the other nurse. Which doesnt bother their job because she doesnt work until that nurse. So they just ignore each other even though the nurse tries to be civil. The cna has sense tried to get everyone to turn against this nurse. The other employees have stopped talking to this aide too unless they just have to because of this and her causing problems with other people. I was the only person on the shift that would talk to her. Last night she told me that she witnessed a patient getting hurt and stated things that this patient is not physically able to say or do. However, because it was reported to me I went ahead and wrote it up and assessed the patient. I asked her to write out a statement since she witnessed even causing her to be rude.She got very defensive when I was asking her questions which I explained I had to do for my paperwork. About 30 minutes later I was sitting at the nurses desk with the other nurse and we were discussion weekend plans and having a good time. About an hour later my boss comes in, at this time the cna has left for the day, and my boss calls me and the other nurse into her office. This cna sent her a text message stating that i was discussing the incident and laughing about how my patient got hurt at the nurses desk. Luckily I had the other nurse and another cna state that that was not what happened. That we were discussing plans. The other nurse explained how this cna had been treating everyone and that it was like she was out to get everyone on our shift. She wants to change shifts by the way. The boss said that since I have 2 other adults to witness what happened, nothing would be done about it. I just worry now to what lengths this cna will go to and for what? No one knows what they did to make her angry with them. She just seems to want to make people mad. But now she is doing things that could effect my job. Had I not have had the other people there or if she said I laughed somewhere else, I could be in some serious trouble. Any experienced nurses have any suggestions on what to do or how to handle this?