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  1. creekingkiwi

    Memorial vs. Saint Joseph?

    Hello, It seems like I can't find any nurses from this area. Does anyone have any opinions on Saint Jospeh Mishiwaka vs. Memorial South Bend? I am particulalry interested in the difference of their ICUs, but in general would help as well. I just feel like I do not know anything about the hospitals and I could use some help in deciding which one to choose. The biggest thing is the aquity of their patients. Is it very similar? Does Mishiwaka receive any traumas or are they all going to Memorial? I feel like I cannot make an informed decision!
  2. creekingkiwi

    I could need some help, 2 offers.

    Hello guys, I will be graduating in December with my BSN and I received 2 job offers. What should I consider when choosing which job to take? Orientation time, staffing, (money and commute are the same in both), trauma level? What am I missing, what is important? I think the main difference is size, aquity level of patients and staffing. One hospital mandates currently du to being understaffed , but it gets all the trauma cases. The other is half the size, with no traumas coming in, but seems to be well staffed. In the bigger one it sounded like one will be doing a lot more complex cases much faster than in the smaller one. Open hearts within 1 year of being there, sounds scary to me. Why I even think about the two is the trauma exposure in the bigger one and the possibility of making more money. But being a student I can't really judge how burned out a nurse would be with the staffing situation, with learning the ropes and having complex patients and with whatever else is going on in life. I guess I feel like I should take the smaller hospital to start out with, but I am worried to burn a bridge to the bigger one in the future. Any help, or words of wisdom would be really appreciated.