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  1. mj71

    Ways to improve?

    Thank you. Yes, we’ve talked about that and are disappointed by the pay for the amount of work that is expected. We can bring the subject of pay up and see what happens. The owners of course don’t want to hear it. Thanks again. Mj
  2. mj71

    Ways to improve?

    I currently work in an ALF and would like any input on how to turn it around; the atmosphere, some attitudes, high turnover? I know it happens everywhere. I know these are low paying jobs for the unlicensed positions of caregiving. I know all of this, so how can we try to vastly improve the morale, the staffing, the work ethic? I don’t want to place blame on any individuals, I want to find solutions. I know we can’t fix every person’s attitude and work ethic but how can we play to the best of every employee’s best traits? Yes, they are sometimes pushed to the limits; the residents are requiring more time with less resources. We find somethings are being tolerated by upper management that shouldn’t be because we need the staff. We find staff not being able to access their “softer side” when dealing with a resident that has increasing needs to be met; i.e., going to the bathroom 2-3x in a short timeframe. Needing extra time to complete ADL. Please, any ideas how you have taught the necessary soft skills to staff or anything so that we can increase satisfaction for our residents and staff alike. I really like this population and we have alot of good staff, but we do need some major help! Thank you kindly, mj