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Critical Care and Community Health. Dabbled in Cor
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BeenThereGoingThere is a BSN and specializes in Critical Care and Community Health. Dabbled in Cor.

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  1. BeenThereGoingThere

    Nurse Fired by HCA After 20yrs - Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed

    I think it’s everywhere anymore.
  2. BeenThereGoingThere

    Who Did NOT Do a Year of Med Surg?

    I started out on a burn unit taking care of large burns with ventilator management. I floated to ER. I went from there to ICU. Granted, things have changed a lot. But, I was frequently there when those “ changes” were developed. I didn’t like med surg and never did it. When I traveled I encountered floating. I’m amazed how many places think you should be able to do things you've never done.
  3. BeenThereGoingThere

    Is 63 to old to start nursing school?

    Off subject I know, but at 62, and stronger than most my age; I wear SAS for white shoes. If my feet cramp, as if there was plantar fasciitis, I switch to Dansko. The firm support and the “roller” soles stop the cramp. But they are hard, so SAS becomes my go to. This message is for bitter_betsy in above post.
  4. BeenThereGoingThere

    Does anyone do private duty care anymore?

    I think all the above suggestions are good. You don’t say where you live. But, if your Dad is on medicare, he might qualify for a OT evaluation at home. Ask your doctor. They have to order it. They can evaluate what you may need in your home to assist with transfers. Even at 135 lbs, dead weight is difficult. Some states provide the Life Services eval, but sadly not all do. Care.com has some leads, but you have to do the screening. If you need skilled nursing, most home health agencies have HHA who help with bathing. Medicare dictates the frequency.
  5. BeenThereGoingThere

    Day/Night shift?

    I see this a lot in the Northwest. Especially in Montana and Idaho. Research indicates this is unhealthy, but it’s the norm. In WA and OR I don’t see it as much. Hospitals are unionized and that effects bids on jobs and shifts. I never saw this practice until coming here. You could choose to work an extra shift but you had an assigned shift. I was shocked when I discovered the expectation. This is something I personally would like to see changed. As nurses we should be able to protect our own health as we as that of our family. Regular sleep patterns are important.
  6. BeenThereGoingThere

    Rural /remote nursing

    You can also check Indian Health Services online. That tells you what is available and what is tribal ran. I live in Seattle area. The tribal people here have assimilated and I wouldn’t refer to them as indigenous. Poverty, however; is a real problem as is homelessness. Individual tribes are experiencing much more resources than in the past, and have developed excellent health care programs. Have you considered Montana? Tribes there continue to experience challenges with health care.
  7. BeenThereGoingThere

    Low RN pay

    This reply is late! Hospitals are unionized. Pay is by years experience, roughly $33 to $70. Outside hospital is 37 to 45 per hour. Many agencies have “productivity pay” in home health. That means if the patient isn’t home you get milege and about $15 for visit. Considering traffic that could be for up to 3 hours of your time. If they don’t assign you someone you just don’t get paid. Nursing home pay is in the 30’s and there are NO staffing laws/guidelines.
  8. BeenThereGoingThere

    Applying for a WA state license with a failure to disclose on license

    I live and work in WA. The BON there will review things but is very supportive.

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