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    New nurse struggling

    I am about 6 months into my job, and about one month off of orientation by myself. I know a lot of you will disagree with this but I started out in float pool at a large hospital. I really do not like it. I really am coming to not enjoy being bounced around each night i go to work. I feel lonely and it is hard to make connections with people when I cannot stay in one place. It is also hard when they give me the assignment no one else on the floor wants, and when I have a hard time managing some nights because I am still new. I already feel burned out and I am tired of feeling so much anxiety and dread before going into work each time. I feel so unhappy. During my interview there was a verbal agreement to stay in float pool for 3 years/ a "verbal contract". There were no consequences stated about breaking this so called verbal contract. I already feel like it is going to be hard enough to make it to one year let alone 3. I don't think bedside nursing is for me and I feel trapped. I don not even know what I would do if I left this job. Any advice?