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Baylor_Nurse22's Latest Activity

  1. Baylor_Nurse22

    UTSW Nurse Residency February 2020 Cohort

    I applied to surgical services! I work in an emergency department (6 months of expereince) right now but wanting to go into OR. Guess we will see what happens!! :D
  2. Baylor_Nurse22

    Nurse Residencies in Dallas - February 2019

    I accepted a job with Medical City Dallas ED ! Is anyone else going to be working there?
  3. Baylor_Nurse22

    Children's Health Dallas Nurse Residency February 2019

    I did a video interview and never received a text message. I am assuming at this point they do not want to move forward with me. It sucks but good luck to every one who got the text!
  4. Baylor_Nurse22

    GN Residency Texas Health Resources- February 2019

    The only email I have gotten so far is the prescreen notice/ certification request for work opportunity
  5. Baylor_Nurse22

    Baylor Scott & White Health Nurse Residency; Winter 2019

    I would keep calling! I had to call many times at different times of the day. Try really early in the morning between 7am-8am!
  6. Baylor_Nurse22

    Baylor Scott & White Health Nurse Residency; Winter 2019

    Hello! I applied the second day the application opened and went to the expo in Plano. The recruiter then came to my school and I told him where I applied and that I had not gotten a video interview yet. He then sent me the video interview the next day which I completed. I heard from a recruiter three days later, same situation where he called and left a voicemail really early in the morning. I called multiple times a day every single day and sent an email. I finally got a hold of a recruiter this morning and I was offered an interview!
  7. Baylor_Nurse22

    Nurse Residencies in Dallas - February 2019

    Hello! I applied to Children's Dallas, Baylor, THR and Medical City. Some of my classmates heard from Children's Dallas recruiters today about doing an in person interview. I did a video interview with them and I am waiting to hear back about the in person interview. Does anyone know if they send out in person interview invites over the next few days? It is making me super nervous that I am the only one who has not gotten a in person interview text today.