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  1. Moki1984

    WSSU ABSN spring 2018

    wondering myself what makes a strong applicant
  2. Good afternoon. At this point I know I need to redo some of my prereqs, they are past the timeframe of 7 years (wow I feel old now lol my science classes are expired) I plan to knock those out spring and summer semester at forsyth tech then apply for next year's cycle at WSSU ABSN program. I live in WS so for me this is local. I was wondering what do you think makes a competitive applicant? Providing I perform well on these my GPA is high, 3.8 right now without these courses. I will have 7 years of experience in direct patient care , my previous bachelor degree is in Psychology which I plan to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I am also a military veteran. Can you think of anything I can add that would make me more competitive or not really? I cannot relocate so if I don't get in with WSSU...well... all of my eggs in one basket. Anyone who has been admitted, what did they seem to look for the most? Appreciate any thoughts, thanks
  3. Moki1984


    Good afternoon. I want to apply for the WSSU ABSN when the next round comes up for applications, but I have some concerns. All of the science prereqs (aside from chem) were taken in 2012 and my microbiology was taken in 2011. Will they accept these? I majored in psych with a minor in bio, graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I will be taking a second anat & phys this year and the chem this year. I am so worried cause they mention nothing older than 7 years. My transcripts don't list labs, they list 4 credits for a course. Of course we all know 3 is typical for a class and a lab is worth 1 but my transcripts don't actually say the word LAB anywhere. Is this okay? Do they accept online courses? My degree was hybrid as I was on a military base. Do they give preference for locals? I live in Winston Salem. Actually this is my only option, I cannot relocate my family so if they don't accept me I don't know what I'll do. I have been working since 2012 at a psychiatric hospital, my plan is to go for a masters to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Will my years of patient care experience help at all? Thanks so much for any advice.