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  1. selulion

    Recieving a patient from ER

  2. selulion

    If You Got Your Letter Post Here!!!

    date received: march 25, 2006 program: bsn school: southeastern louisiana university state: louisiana starts: august 2006
  3. selulion


    I just got accepted to SLU school of nursing. I begin my nursing classes in the fall. In order to get in to the accelerated program, you have to have a degree in something else. Everyone else goes in the fall and spring only for 5 semesters. The minimum GPA for this semester was 3.48. They only look at GPA to determine who gets in and who doesn't.
  4. selulion

    A cute way to remember some lab values.

    i used ooott(easy to remember) a former virgin got very angry hymen...strange, but i got an a!
  5. selulion

    Medicaid. Is it being abused?

    I, too, fell the need to respond to this. Both of my children are on medicaid right now, and although I am grateful it exhists, I think that medicaid patients may not be recieving equal treatment. My kids have had to wait for appointments to see doctors. I have to take them to the charity hospitals for specialist appointments and wait HOURS to see the doctor. I feel for the doctors that accept medicaid....they are stretched so thin they do not have time to sit down and discuss concerns. My daughter did not have her heart defect diagnosed until she was 4 months old. This was because by then she was so sick she almost died. I brought her to the doctor so often but her doctor just tried to minimize my concern. I cannot wait for the day I can get them on "real" insurance so that they may be treated like human beings. I have no doubt that people abuse medicaid...but if I could afford insurance, I would much rather have it than medicaid!
  6. selulion

    concerns about A & P!!!!!

    Hi everyone. I am a little worried I am not being prepared for nursing school. I got an A in A & P lab and lecture, but I am worried my instructor did not teach me what I need to know. It seemed WAY too easy. I am taking the same person for A & P II but I am apprehensive. I guess I am asking how much you need to know before nursing school to do well in nursing school? I have taught myself alot more than my instructor did. I am even studying over Christmas break. Any advice would be helpful. Did anyone find this class very easy? Thanks in advance!
  7. selulion

    Do nurses get paid enough for what they do?

    I have to struggle every day of my life just to pay the rent and get food on the table....if I can be comfortable and secure that the bills are paid, that is good enough for me.
  8. I can see where you are all coming from, but I wish my problem was being small and looking young! You do not have anything to prove. Obviously, you are all intellegent or you would not be nurses. I think you should be proud of your accomplishments and do not worry about what others think. I think it is wonderful to decide at a young age to follow your dreams. I will be 29 or 30 when I graduate. I wish I had started sooner. If looking young is your worst problem, be grateful!:chuckle
  9. selulion

    What does Neurontin do?

    Thank you so much! I will let her know.:)
  10. selulion

    What does Neurontin do?

    My mom was just prescribed Neurontin because she has carpel tunnel syndrome in her hands. I was just wondering what exactly does it do ? Her hands hurt her alot, often preventing any use of them. Her hands also fall asleep alot. Does anyone know if these are all symptoms of CTS? I am wondering if her doctor is really doing all he can for her. Thanks for your input.
  11. Congrats on your decision! I remember my moment when I decided to become a nurse...My first born was about two and a half. I stayed home with him everyday. I always knew I would go to college, I just did not know what I wanted to do. I got so tired of being home ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!! I knew I had more to offer the world, my son, and myself. I enrolled at Southeastern in Jan. 2004 as a nursing major. Two months later, I got pregnant with my daughter. I stayed in school, though. I will finish my pre-req's in May. I will start nursing school in August. You can do it! One a more serious note, please try to get help for your son....my older brother used to hit on my siblings and me. Not an easy upbringing.
  12. selulion

    Anatomy Question

    I bought the Princeton Review Anatomy coloring workbook from my school bookstore.
  13. selulion

    Report Card Time!!!!! What did yall get?

    Nutrition and diet therapy: A Anatomy & Physiology lecture: A Anatomy & Physiology lab: A Library science(waited till the last minute) : A
  14. selulion

    NLN Exam

    I have never heard of the NLN exam. Is it a national exam, or only given in certain areas? I e-mailed my nursing school, but they have not replied. I am applying to nursing school in August. Any comments/ suggestions?
  15. selulion

    NCLEX pass rates for your school?

    Southeastern Louisiana University NCLEX-RN: 94.6% LA state avr. passing rate:89.6% National average: 87.8%
  16. selulion

    Question for those who just finished A&P I

    For some reason, studying hard right before the test always worked for me. It depends on what works best for you. I pay very close attention in lecture, utilize all available resources (study guides, old exams, practice quizzes in the text, etc.) I put off the bulk of my studying for the two or three days before the test. I want it to be fresh in my mind. I always make A's, though.