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mwildcat's Latest Activity

  1. mwildcat

    Portage Learning

    I took Nutrition and Pathophysiology through Portage. VERY easy. Do at your own pace. I got A's in both classes without any effort.
  2. mwildcat

    Scholarships for Accelerated BSN

    Following! I am starting a 2nd degree ABSN program this Summer, but estimated cost is about 70k
  3. mwildcat

    Emory D-ABSN

    Awesome! Yes I just RSVP'd!
  4. mwildcat

    Emory University D-ABSN Summer 2020

    I found out about March 5th. I heard back after only a couple weeks. But I was in contact with Megan Norlfeet a lot a few months prior about applying. Contact her, she is very nice and helpful. Honestly, every staff I have talked with so far has been so incredibly helpful and friendly. So excited! Seems like a really good team of educators.
  5. mwildcat

    Emory D-ABSN

    Who else is admitted to the cohort that begins this Summer? So excited!
  6. mwildcat

    Emory University D-ABSN Summer 2020

    Hello! I will be joining the Summer 2020 class from Tampa! Anyone else in Tampa or nearby?? Anyone have good sources for scholarships & aid that isn't a federal loan? Thanks!
  7. mwildcat

    Augusta Univ-MSN/CNL- Fall 2019 Entry

    Hello! I am almost ready to submit my application.. for those than are currently in the program my question is - does timing of application submission make any difference? I am currently in CNA training with 4 weeks lefr. I kind of want to wait until I get the certification and apply for work to mention it in my applicstion. Let me know thoughts! Thank you!

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