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  1. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    A surprising amount of people opt for nights because they hope they will be able to work and do nursing school if they do the nights. I personally don't think it is sustainable lol! But that is what one of the professors told me about the night progr...
  2. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    I am at the reno location. It was hard but not impossible. It is basically a gen chem, bio chem, o chem hybrid course so if you have no science background I think it will be a little more difficult. Also the finals are all cumulative at Carrington so...
  3. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    agig- She called to tell me my score and I asked if it was competitive and she laughed and said it was the highest score thus far (for that round of testing) and that she could not technically tell me that I was being offered a spot but that I did no...
  4. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    I don't know exactly how they calculate everything, but the scores I listed in the OP ended up being a composite score of 293 and I was offered a first pick position! Good luck everyone! Please feel free to ask me anything and I'll try to respond as ...
  5. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the delayed response. Someone asked what the first semester schedule looked like. First semester you have to take A+P 1 and the lab, chemistry, political science (online), and communications (also online). I already have my A+...
  6. Carrington College Jan' 19, +Kaplan Tips

    Kbay- I'm so glad you found it helpful! I did get in!!!! Good luck. rmc465- Carrington requires that you take the test to be considered for the program. Everyone who is applying takes the exam and then they offer positions in the program to the 30 h...
  7. NCLEX Resource Review - Kaplan, Hurst, UWorld

    Hey! I see you are in Nevada too, are you applying for Carrington's RN program? I just took the Kaplan last night and I made a post in a different group about how I studied for it so I'm going to C&P that here for you! Firstly I studied out of t...
  8. Hey All! I am applying to start Carrington's RN program in January 2019 and I just took my Kaplan exam last night. I spent months scouring the internet looking for study tips and came up pretty short so I wanted to share mine here to hopefully help s...