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  1. RN_4eva

    new grad high turnover

    meanmaryjean, English is my second language I have came to the USA in my 20's. And I have no problem understanding the post of theguynurse88 honestly.
  2. RN_4eva

    Group One Blacklisting in Texas

    I'm pretty sure the 'Im funny' is aware of existence of ANA. You don't have to be so mean, especially you know she is desperate enough to ask for HELP from Nurses. Don't ever forget You are a nurse too.
  3. RN_4eva

    new grad fort worth

    This is such a reality. We should be all aware of the saturated job maket. I have no idea why would nursing schools are keeping saying nurses are in need? I only think it applies to CNA positions...
  4. RN_4eva

    new grad fort worth

    I am literally in the same boat. Job market is so horrible in DFW for new grads
  5. RN_4eva

    new grad fort worth

    2018, I literally applied 40-50. Haven't heard anything. Such a terrible area to be in as a new grad...
  6. RN_4eva

    Passing nclex after failing!!!