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TPN1986 is a RN and specializes in SRNA CEN CCRN-CMC.

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  1. TPN1986

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Of course, this entire situation is extremely disheartening. I'm looking forward to the day when this is just a footnote in my path to becoming a successful CRNA.
  2. TPN1986

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Unfortunately I'm one of those who was accepted to another program, but turned down the seat out of an abundance of respect for others since I had already committed to Union. Now I'm just hoping things work out.
  3. TPN1986

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Well, at least they have till august to recruit and hire new staff. It's disheartening to hear this at this juncture but I already put down my deposit and declined the other school I was accepted into. I've put my chips down on union and I'm hoping for the best.
  4. TPN1986

    Transferring ICUs for better experience?

    Normally I wouldn't jump to telling someone to quitting their job and seeking new experiences, but honestly everything you outline in your post is exactly why you need another job. If I were you I would start looking yesterday, this isnt to say that you couldnt get into a school from your current job. But unless your stats are stellar you're setting yourself up for some difficult interviews. Panels want to know what kind of patient's you take care of, what an average day on your unit looks like. They place a high emphasis on having patients with drips and vents at a bare minimum. If the majority of your patients are just on a neuro ICU because they have an EVD then it's going to be difficult to articulate why you're ready to start school. As for job seeking, I'd look for a job where your local CRNA school recruits from because that's where you're gonna find the best experience.
  5. TPN1986

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Good luck everyone! Was offered wait list, but already accepted elsewhere so I turned it down.
  6. TPN1986

    Realistic Goal?

    They may be right but my personal experience has been that a high emphasis was placed on undergraduate sciences such as A&P, chemistry, micro, etc. Fortunately, I had A's in all of those classes so I didn't need to repeat any classes. If I was in your shoes I'd really consider retaking those sciences because you're going to be competing with other students who have earned A's in those classes. It's not something I would rush, I would focus on finishing your BSN off on a strong note and getting as close to all A's as you can. Once you graduate I'd slowly work on retaking some of those science classes perhaps even at a school that has a CRNA program you're considering applying too. I wouldnt rush taking the courses though and I would take them at a pace that would allow you to focus on getting A's. Applying to CRNA school for myself was kind of like a long journey, there isnt a perfect set path to walk that is going to guarantee you admission into any one program. I personally felt that my application experience was extremely competitive. I had to deal with being let down, being denied, wait listed and eventually accepted to multiple programs. During all of my applications though I continued working on becoming a stronger, smarter and better educated ICU nurse. I seized every opportunity to learn more about anesthesia including listening to podcasts, shadowing, certifications, graduate level classes, and attending the local anesthesia conference specific to my state to network. Retaking chemistry or microbiology to get a better grade is probably a pain in the *** and I get it, but you should honestly look at it as an opportunity to learn and better understand concepts that you hadnt fully mastered previously.
  7. TPN1986

    Realistic Goal?

    If you're serious consider retaking some of your undergraduate sciences that are pulling your GPA down. Maybe even consider taking a biochemistry course at some point. It's definitely an achievable goal. You will have to work very hard though.
  8. TPN1986

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    I know this has already been pointed out, but the sources used in this posting are almost over 20 years old. Can we get some updated sources before we make broad over sweeping generalizations about how men in the nursing field caring for other men is seen as 'homosexual'?
  9. TPN1986

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    If what you say about is true about your friend I recommend reporting her to the BON in the state she has applied for a license and I wouldn't worry about it because she will not pass her boards.
  10. TPN1986

    school or transfer? first...

    1. Get motivated to get your BSN beyond being told "You have to have this degree to get another job". Look, I totally get what your saying and I agree it's nonsense that hospitals hire BSN nurses over ADN's when the skill set is exactly the same. However, if this is your only motivation for returning to school it's going to be unenjoyable 18months to two years. Get your BSN/MSN not just because you want more job opportunities but because this is the next logical step in your career's progression. 2. Unless your nurse educator is some how involved in the hiring decisions made in the ER, ignore this person. You've been a nurse for four years, clearly you have at least mastered the art of passing oral medications and customer service. Their isn't some magic trick to landing a job in the ER, just apply for ER jobs and hope they reach out to you for an interview. When you do land an interview have a well thought out reason for why you're looking to change specialties. I recommend something about looking for new challenges and a fast past environment. When they ask how you'll do managing more acutely ill patients manage you often take care of 7-8 patients on med/surg and are still able to keep up even when one patient is starting to decompensate and needs to be transferred to a higher level of care. Good luck!
  11. TPN1986

    Rutgers CRNA 2020

    Just found out i was wait listed. Guess I’ll keep holding my breath.
  12. TPN1986

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    I don’t think so, i live here and was offered a teleconference interview.
  13. TPN1986

    Crna plus an msn

    Yes I understood your original post and intent to finish. Which is why I wanted to make it clear, that even if you finish a MSN, you will have to repeat many of these classes while doing your DNP for CRNA school. Also you should be aware that CRNA schools have a great variance in when their programs start and applications open. Some programs recruit two years in advance.
  14. TPN1986

    Crna plus an msn

    The vast majority of programs will not allow you to transfer more than two classes from your MSN. I took advantage of the tuition reimbursement offered at my job and took two and stopped after that.
  15. TPN1986


    I will piggyback on Asherah's post, I had a very similar situation with my GPA when I was 18. Went to college for 1 year, my mother got cancer and I bombed out of college. Went back to college at 21 and absolutely murdered it. Got straight A's in all my nursing courses as well as pre-req's and graduated with a 3.7 gpa with my ADN. Continued on and got my BSN with a 3.6, and last semester I took 6 graduate credits with a 4.0 gpa. Like Asherah, I also got certified, CEN CCRN-CMC and work heavily on my units committees. I've been blessed to be invited for two interviews this cycle already. You can 100% overcome early mistakes. Honestly when I interviewed last year they didnt even ask me about my first year of college, because that was over 13 years ago.
  16. TPN1986

    Johns Hopkins DNP CRNA 2020

    Yeah I wish I had applied to Georgetowon like you, I applied to 9 programs this cycle and I completely forgot about them. If there is a next year I'd definitely want to apply to their program.

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