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  1. arennlicious

    LACC NURSING Spring 2019

    cxvnx, I recommend choosing the school that is closet to you. It simply just saves time regarding traveling, traffic, etc. I go to LACC, not a bad program, but I have heard great things about LACCONAH & LAHC in terms of NCLEX passing & General student satisfaction, plus it’s apparently more difficult to get into those schools. LACC is still a good choice as well. Also I heard in the Nursing Office (I was there) and they said 13 students havent notified whether they accept their LACC acceptance yet, so theyre gonna call ppl and they need to answer yes/no on the spot. No maybes or they’ll take away the acceptance. According to the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing) that visited our school recently, she ranked the LACCD nursings schools as follows: Good:LAHC, LAVC, LACC Okay: LAPC, LATTC In Danger of meeting standards (like NCLEX pass rates, student happiness, Nursing class pass rates): ELAC, LASW if you have questions I’m happy to help.
  2. arennlicious

    LACC NURSING Spring 2019

    Yeah. I ended up getting in. I was the last person accepted as an alternate in my cohort.
  3. arennlicious

    Los Angeles Valley College Winter/ Spring 2019

    Hey, so I turned in my LAVC nursing application on September 5th. And that's about it. I got the prereq evaluation, was eligible, & filled out an application at the nursing office. I asked when we'd get notified about the cutscore, etc. and the lady said "In October". The only thing I found odd was that I never received a receipt/email/confirmation or anything that they HAVE my application. (proof I even turned in an application). LACC, Glendale, and COC all gave me one :/ Did anyone receive a receipt/email/confirmation or anything? I asked and the lady just said "no". But I still think it's odd.
  4. arennlicious

    College of the canyons Spring 2019-COC 2019 Applicants

    My first choice is LAVC because it is the closest to me. However, I just wanna get into a program! ANY! Just one!
  5. arennlicious

    College of the canyons Spring 2019-COC 2019 Applicants

    Let me know if anyone gets an email! I applied as well! What other schools did everyone else apply to? I applied to COC, LACC, LAVC, Glendale, & Pasadena

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