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  1. Nurse_maddie

    RPN - operating room

    Hello, I'm a new grads RPN in Toronto. I really want to get into Operating room nursing. There is a certificate course for RPN - OR but first I would like to know the job market. I see quite a lot of OR job posting but that doesn't mean It's easy to get it. I'm willing to take the course if the job market is in high demand since that course is pretty expensive. will this certificate help me to get a job in the OR? I saw they offer clinical placement as well. so, If anyone has any idea or suggestion about how to begin a nursing career in the OR Thank you!!
  2. Nurse_maddie

    centennial college bridging to rn

    Hello, is anyone taking bridging rn program at the centennial college?? i have some questions about that course. I'm interested in flex -bridging rn. 1) how many days do i have to go to school? 2) if i take flex bridging, i can only get in to the Ryerson university as a part time rn program, is that true? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Nurse_maddie

    job interview

    hi. sorry i have so many questions. the employer did my reference check about a week ago and i havent got any call or email from the hospital. is that mean they hire somebody else? gosh. it's my dream job and i can't focus on other thing until i know either got the job or now :'(
  4. Nurse_maddie

    question !

    Hello, I have a question about nursing license in Ontario. Let's say you went to work (night shift), and realized that your license was expired. what is the best action? i think options were a) call supervisor and stop working b) tell me manager the following morning. Thank you,
  5. Nurse_maddie

    job interview

    Thank you for your comment. I have one more question. when the employer asks for the reference, is that mean i'm going to get the job or just high chance to get a job? Thanks in advance !
  6. Nurse_maddie

    job interview

    Hi. I'm a new grad RPN in ontario. i have sent out my resume to dozens of job applications and finally got an interview. So i did research and prepared for some questions but i after the interview, i felt terrible that i messed up so bad. it was one of the place i had a placement as student ( not the same unit but very similar one). one of the interviewer mentioned that i'm an advance candidate for this position because i've been there and know the hospital setting but they some more people to interview. It was my dream hospital where i wanted to work so bad. so my question is when does HR or hiring manager get back to you if you are hired?