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  1. Chellereadsbooks

    Cook Children's February 2019 Residency

    I received an offer over the phone Monday for the Med-Surg track and they wanted an answer within 24 hours.
  2. Chellereadsbooks

    Forced resignation?

    I agree w/ HomeBound. Regardless of whether you quit or are terminated, you will have to provide an explanation and a future employer will either think the "time management" issue is a valid reason for you to no longer be employed or they won't. I think the ability to collect unemployment while searching for a new job is way more valuable than leaving on your own terms with nothing to show for it.
  3. Chellereadsbooks

    Cook Children's February 2019 Residency

    The recruiter says they don't start contacting people until after the application closes and that it takes at least a few days after that to start processing them and reaching out, I wouldn't start worrying yet :)
  4. Chellereadsbooks

    Children's Health Dallas Nurse Residency February 2019

    I applied Aug. 20th and haven't heard anything... hoping they're just responding slower this year!