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  1. Tostitos

    Medical cannabis nurse

    Hello. I passed LPN school in June and still awaiting to take my NCLEX due to delays with our school. I was just wondering as an LPN, is there any possible way I could get involved with a medical marijuana industry in MA? If not in MA, anywhere in New England? I do have a dream of one day opening my own store but I would like to get experience in the area first.
  2. Tostitos

    Studying for NCLEX

    Hello all I graduated from my LPN program in June. It is now September and I have yet to sign up for the NCLEX. Unfortunately our class had to wait about 2-3 months before the school could send out our transcripts so we could apply. I went back to school to get some paper work done and one of my former simulator instructors told me NOT to practice questions and JUST to focus on reading material. I have been studying heavily at least 2 hours everyday from the Saunders NCLEX PN Examination review book. I have been writing down notes on almost every single page and I was planning on doing this for the entire book. I decided to take some practice questions from Evolve Elsevier and I did horrible! I'm looking on this forum and it turns out Saunder's is not the move. Almost everyone has said Saunders is only good for reviewing content but to review NCLEX questions I should get either U world or Kaplan. For those who passed the NCLEX, what would you recommend?