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  1. EnoughWithTheIce

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Bell rings in about 18 minutes. Get a kid running and writhing in back pain. Now, he was sent by the theatre teacher who "borrowed" my heating pad 2 weeks ago for her writhing back pain and has yet to return it. Last year, she took it home and it was about a month before I saw it again. So, I tell kid - "go borrow Ms. ____________'s heating pad". He looks at me "what, she has a heating pad?" Yep, kid mine - my heating pad." You got the heating pad then you got the kid!!! Some days end with perfection.
  2. EnoughWithTheIce


    I have literally taken the temp of every SPED staff member in the building today!!! Suck it up people, we only have 2 more days until the break. If I can do it, you can do it!!! Why is the SPED people always the neediest and whiniest? I already see 60 kids a day - I really HAVE NO TIME for adults...... I am thinking of placing a box with basic supplies, an electronic BP cuff and a thermometer in the staff lounge. probably will not make a difference..........................................................
  3. EnoughWithTheIce

    "The Nurse doesn't really DO anything" -Middle school students

    Luckily, our policy states exclusion after 2 bouts of vomiting in 24 hours. I am in MS and if I sent every gagger, spitter, phlegmer, unwitnessed vomit in the bathroom or locker room - the school would soon be empty.
  4. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    I am just sooooo tired!!! Dealing with a situation that I cannot discuss. However, it has become a giant time suck. This, on top of the usual stuff has got me beat down. So, when kid is sent to me to remove a stuck ring for him and he tells me it has been stuck since Saturday - I almost just quite. 4 more days until break! C'MON NOW.....
  5. EnoughWithTheIce


    You have to spell it out for them. I always include "Emergencies such as............" I also specifically state that old injuries, etc. ARE NOT emergencies. Of course, they still send that stuff regardless!
  6. EnoughWithTheIce

    Texas School Nurses

    It is prescribed QID. It is actually a "medical food."
  7. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    I was slammed yesterday morning!! WhenI got to kid #6 waiting in line out the door - he had been sent to get a plastic baggie for his skittles. C'MON ON NOW!!!!!!!
  8. EnoughWithTheIce

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    DO NOT miss bedside nursing at all. I would not go back for a million dollars. What I do miss though is being surrounded by medical professionals. Peeps that understand mild vomiting from a viral illness is not a medical emergency. Educators are a tough group who have no idea what a school nurse's day looks like and think you are their personal PCP.
  9. EnoughWithTheIce

    Texas School Nurses

    Have you ever been asked to give a non FDA approved medication with a student that is part of a clinical trial?? Every fiber in my nurse being says no but the NPA is written so vaguely......... We have a physician order. From my research so far, it needs to be written in the IEP or 504 and really should be given by a non-nursing staff member picked by the principal. Any input??
  10. EnoughWithTheIce

    Who gets the backpack

    I had this situation at my last school. Kids ALWAYS needed something out of those dang lockers when they had sprained ankles, etc. and couldn't walk on their own. If I could, I would wheel (or escort) them but sometimes I would utilize a student aid to assist if I was busy. My new school - we don't have lockers, it is all in their class so I just call teacher to send down.
  11. EnoughWithTheIce


    I had one of those a few years ago, writing and moaning like no tomorrow. About to call 911 when mom arrived. Mom brought some coca colas and some gas x to check in. IT WAS GAS.
  12. EnoughWithTheIce

    Happy Halloween!!!

    May the odds be ever in our favor!!! It is the day that I ust go ahead and have the stock epi and benadryl on my desk and ready to go!
  13. EnoughWithTheIce

    Schools medical policy?

    Where do you clean wounds? Where do kids use the restroom?? Where do they lay down when ill?? OMG!!! Yes, you need your own office!! Privacy just beeing one of many issues.
  14. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    Kid comes from PE with a shabbily wrapped gauze around his knee. Turns out he fell and had torn a scab from a previous abrasion. "Coach already put some alcohol on it but wants you to look at it." Me: Like, he wiped it with an alcohol pad?? Kid: No, he has a big bottle of it. But, he only put the alcohol on it because he couldn't find his hydrogen peroxide. I.JUST.CAN'T!!!!
  15. EnoughWithTheIce

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    It sounds like the nurse that has been there for so long cares more about making staff happy than doing the right thing. You are most likely not ever going to be able to change the culture while she is still there. So sorry that this was your introduction to school nursing. Like any job - there is the good, the bad and the ugly!!
  16. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    So, I know every papercut and hangnail in the building but nobody mentioned the kid that shakes so bad x 3 years that he can barely hold a pencil. C'MON ON NOW!!!