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  1. EnoughWithTheIce

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    I am the supplier of "all things." Especially things teachers want / need but put no forethought and planning into. Some make sense, others I am like - whaaaaatttttttt? It is not even what they are asking me for but it is the look of shock on their face when I don't have that object or can't spare to give them 5 boxes of my gloves which would leave me with -2 boxes for my own use. 1. Cotton balls for santa beards. 2. Tongue depressors (????). "I only need 130!" 3. Vaseline - to play a prank on a co-worker. Just reached their hand in there and scooped out most of my jar. And I had just placed an order for supplies and spent all my budget. I was livid, told her she needs to replace it! 4. Borrowed my wheelchair to use as a prop in a play - lost it!! 4. Coffee creamer, inhaler for their bronchitis, mouthwash, toothpicks, pencils, water bottles, a toaster, snacks, glucometer, scrubs, phone charger, dental glue for a crown, etc, etc, etc.
  2. EnoughWithTheIce

    3rd Party Lice Reports

    Not going on a hunt / wild goose chase among 950 middle school students based on rumors about something that is a nuisance. I feel like I could have actually written this post as I have dealt with the same thing the last few weeks. 3 moms and their daughters (who had no symptoms of lice/nits at all) complaining about a terrible outbreak.............
  3. EnoughWithTheIce

    "Can you do something about this?"

    I had a student that fell out of his chair in class last week. I was called to the scene because "he can't move." When I got there, I assessed his head/neck/ back - all normal. I asked him if he could get up and he says "sure, I am fine." Took him back to clinic, he had 1 red area on an arm. Teachers were SHOCKED I didn't at least send him home. He was fine, he talked to mom and we told her he was fine. And we wonder why the kids are so whiney???? Nobody asked him if he was OK or could get up - they just panicked and called me. I just want to yell over the PA "kids are not as fragile as they appear."
  4. EnoughWithTheIce

    FERPA violation?

    At some point, teachers need to be accountable to do their job and check the health alerts! We are responsible for getting the info out but we are not responsible to spoon feed grown adults!!
  5. EnoughWithTheIce

    Is it Friday yet?? (a cautionary tale about locked nurse room doors)

    Please tell me this receptionist has learned her lesson and was apologetic!
  6. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    I have a student who has a history of Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis. At least 8-10 times a school year for 2 years, kid presents to the clinic (usually on Monday morning after playing baseball all weekend) with complaints of not feeling well, sore throat. Now, he always tells me that he told mom or dad before school and they send him to check in with me. Sometimes his throat is red and sometimes it is not. Well, I always recommend a strep test no matter what with his history. I left a message for dad this morning with my same message I have given him about 20 times. He almost always gets mad that I am recommending medical follow up but NOT telling him it is an emergency and needs to be picked up right away. Now usually, he picks him up and it is the next day before he has him strep tested. Why should it be an EMERGENCY for me to send him home if it is NOT AN EMERGENCY for him to be sent to school and or wait 1-2 days to be tested? Just keep him home and get him to the doctor as soon as he complains. I really do not even need to be part of the equation at all as I cannot diagnose strep!!!! C'MON NOW, why does it always seem to be Monday?
  7. EnoughWithTheIce

    my office is NOT a nap room!

    I would like to add to this that my bathroom should not be the answer to all bathroom issues. My clinic is very small in size but I see 50-60 kids a day - plus needy staff, plus lots of adults stopping to chit chat, etc. Then you add on. 1. Staff restroom next door is occupied, use nurse bathroom. 2. Student with bathroom stall phobia, use the nurse bathroom 3. Student can't be trusted to use regular bathroom without supervision - use the nurse bathroom. 4. Student needs to change clothes mom brought from being out of dress code - use the nurse bathroom. 5. Student needs to re-insert contact lens (and I know shockingly, has their own solution and case.) - Go use the nurse bathroom. 6. Needs to wash marker off hands - well, you get the point...... My kids that are legit sick with diarrhea poop themselves waiting for my bathroom.
  8. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    Update on this staff member!! She tested positive for flu. I found this out on facebook last night.
  9. EnoughWithTheIce

    Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    I was actually involved in a child custody case AND: 1. Records were released AFTER we received a subpoena 2. I spoke to lawyer and went to court AFTER I received a subpoena. 3. District lawyers consulted with me at every step......
  10. EnoughWithTheIce

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    My school nurse peeps understand!! Never would I feel happy about a student being ill / injured. It was more of a validation of "oh, that school nurse does know what she is talking about after all." Walk a mile in our shoes and understand the struggles we face with trying to provide evidence-based interventions against a slew of staff members / students / parents that think they know it all. I know we can sometimes come across as mean and uncaring but we ARE NOT - we do need an outlet for our own mental health well being.
  11. EnoughWithTheIce

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    Sure did (and documented that I did so)!!! Proper ice use is one of the things I LOVE to educate on - hence my username!! This particular student stomped out because her teacher told her she needed it. So, she probably didn't hear much of anything besides my NO!
  12. EnoughWithTheIce

    I hate to tell you I told you so........

    Actually, I don't hate it - I kind of like it! A student came in yesterday wanting ice for a very small bruise on leg. She had bumped it on her coffee table 4 days prior. Told her ice no longer indicated. At home last night she fell asleep with a big old bag of ice tied around it and fell asleep. Yep- today, she has a painful ice burn. Let thy body heal itself people!! Not everything needs intervention. TGIF!!!
  13. EnoughWithTheIce

    Vent Sesh

    I spoke with the mom this afternoon about the student with the glucometer. Good lord, she has been wearing another student's cgm on top of it. When asked about doctors orders - "well, they (endocrinologist) just want her to do spot checks. But, it will only be through this week anyway." Yep, just 2 moms that decided they would diagnose and treat!!!!
  14. EnoughWithTheIce

    Vent Sesh

    I just can't!!!!! I had one of my frequent fliers come in with a juice in one hand and a glucometer in the other "I am shaky and low." Ughhh, this girl IS NOT A DIABETIC but one of her friends is and friend's mom got her set up.................... Turns out she has been checking her BS in class for weeks with no questions from teachers until today. I JUST CAN'T. We had threats of a snow day but nothing happened so everybody is super disappointed today. I live in the part of Texas where flu, cold and allergy season all blend together so FUN TIMES!!
  15. EnoughWithTheIce

    Vent Sesh

    One of my biggest pet peeves!!!! Student hurts themselves at home or non-school related function, parents do nothing, kid (runs) into clinic the next day for ice. Not too worried about that knee because well, he ran into clinic to get ice. Day #2 post injury some kid bumps him in hallway so then he comes to the clinic hopping on one foot with another student practically carrying him, blah, blah, blah. Ice it then send him on his way. Then teachers are dropping by - don't you have crutches you can give him - his limp is terrible. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Rewind a school year and we had same scenario with a shoulder, a head injury, an ankle, frequent unwitnessed vomiting.....Moaning, groaning, writhing in pain agony. Make parents pick up - then they tell me - he was fine once we got home - he fibs a lot. But, in the staff's eyes I am the big old meanie because I won't give him crutches!!!!
  16. EnoughWithTheIce

    Vent Sesh

    My dream is that some day a staff member will poke their head in my door, see how busy I am and then politely say "I see you are busy, I will come back later." I know it is a pipe dream, but - one can only hope.

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