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  1. Teacher Issue...

    Sometimes these practices come back to bite them on the butt. I had a student that the SPED was sending home A LOT for "illness." When mom got the truancy letter - she was mad! Admin came to me on why illness absences not excused. and I explained it ...
  2. I'm tired!

    BOTH!!! Why do they EVEN come to us if they are going to argue??
  3. Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    OMG, yes to all of the above! I have been at several different schools in several different districts. Though I get along great with my current office staff, counselors and admin - I still feel that staff is the hardest part of the job. The teachers ...
  4. I'm tired!

    I just had a conversation with a SPED teacher who had "no clue" she was supposed to call or put on my e-pass before sending a student down because of covid protocol. We have been in person since August!! More like, she knew and thought rules don...
  5. I'm tired!

    This is so well said. Why apologize for something that we did not create and have no control over????
  6. C'Mon Now!

    Masks are now optional in my district! One giant free for all.................
  7. C'Mon Now!

    Kids in morning athletics (and their parents who support the behavior). Well enough to attend practice, too sick to go to math 2nd period!! But, I leave in an area where sports ARE THE PRIORITY!
  8. Athletics = Madness

    I just sent a student home with 4 covid symptoms, including a temp. Reason for being sent to school - so she would not miss basketball tryouts!
  9. SPED

    Do you ever feel that their department is a full-time job in itself??? And I am not talking about the kids, THE STAFF! And they don't seem to know how to use a telephone - they just love to call people on the radio instead. And panic when I can't ans...
  10. So Discouraged...

    I am trying to stay as motivated and as positive as possible. However, it is hard to fight the good fight when I know I am trying my best to do what is right for my students, staff, and community - yet they are choosing to not take it seriously. I pl...
  11. C'Mon Now!

  12. Called 911 - anything I could have done better?

    I had a VERY similar situation about 3-4 weeks ago. These episodes had happened several times at home but parents had never given me a heads up. You can only make decisions based on the info you have and your assessment. Never doubt it!
  13. C'Mon Now!

    COVID C'MON NOW!! Parent #1 sends kid to school with cough, fever, body aches, etc. Mad because you send home and quarantine when "it is just allergies!" Parent #2 keeps kid at home for 3 weeks because mom's co-workers neighbor's brother-in...
  14. Rapid testing in schools- any here in MA?

    This is what I would fear! After 8 weeks in, I am finally getting parents to understand the need to keep ill kids home and follow up with their PCP. If they found out we are testing, the lines will be out the door every morning. What are the imp...
  15. Is it Friday yet?? (a cautionary tale about locked nurse room doors)

    In my soul, I really believe that this would not be done to any other person on a school campus besides the nurse. That is disheartening!! I would find a place where nobody could find me from here on out And to not even have the decency to ask the ...