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  1. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    I agree!!!! And is it really the end of the world if a parent does not make it to their party? Does a MS kid even want a parent at their party???? At the same time, why is the teacher being so secretive about it???
  2. EnoughWithTheIce

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    Me too!! If I did not have my sure temp - I would have to quit!!
  3. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    I am so tired of parents trying to check in unlabeled inhalers with 4 puffs left that expired 2 years ago for their kid who I have no documentation that they even has asthma!!!! Of course they are only bringing because their kid texted them. They would not have brought if I would have asked. C'MON NOW!
  4. EnoughWithTheIce


    I feel so special that my post created artwork!!! AND I am wearing pink too.
  5. EnoughWithTheIce

    1st 911 call at my new school

    Backstory - student has asthma but no inhaler in clinic or plan on file. He continues to carry inhaler in his backpack even though mom has been told he does not have proper paperwork on file to be a self -carry. He has seen me 4 times before today -twice before school "asthma attack while walking to school" and twice called to the gym for "asthma attack." All 4 times, obvious panic attack and not asthma. Kid just shuts down hyperventilating. I am usually able to call him down, talk with mom, request asthma action plan and inhaler IN CLINIC because kid carries an inhaler but never has it where we can get to it during an "attack" and I refer to the counselor each time and I also as well as recommend further evaluation by pediatrician to get a definitive diagnosis, RINSE, REPEAT!! Today, called to gym again. Presents just as before and PE coach and myself could not get under control. 20 minutes later he is still slumped over and just keeps saying "I can't. I can't." So, I called 911. He was still slumped over when EMS arrived and still chanting. Mind you, he had not even participated in PE at all when coach called me. Mom arrived a few minutes later and he was transported to the hospital. Mom just texted me - he was fine by the time he arrived and it was not asthma related at all. But she blames the panic on running in PE and not wanting to take his Inhaler pre-exercise. So, give me an inhaler and a plan and he sees me on way to PE and we take that out of the equation. But, there is some major anxiety and maybe depression with this kid. I hope he gets the help he needs. I think mom a little perturbed about the 911 call. But, what do you do - sit in the gym all afternoon until kid passes out??? In the back of my mind, I knew because of the non-response I have received from mom and the way the "attacks" have ben progressing that this day would happen and it did! It is sad that it sometimes takes an ambulance transport to get something done On top of that!!! Mom is an ER nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. EnoughWithTheIce


    New t-shirt slogan?? "the hamster wheel keeps spinning."
  7. EnoughWithTheIce


    Never complains of epigastric pain, more intestinal cramping like in IBS. only RX (I know of) is for Hyoscyamine. A few minutes ago when mom picked up, she is now saying borderline EOE. She is ditzy and all over the place when I have conversations with her. He never seems in distress but just keeps coming back and back and back. You know how you have frequent fliers but then you have the kids that are even worse than them - like super frequent fliers with their name engraved on a cot???? With no actual documentation at this time, I am leaning towards Mother Induced School Avoidance Syndrome. At the same time, I want to do and document all of the interventions I can think of to try to get him back to class.
  8. EnoughWithTheIce


    Anybody have any input on interventions for this diagnosis? He is newly diagnosed and about to consult with an allergy specialist to hopefully find out what foods are causing the flare ups. He is either absent or in the clinic multiple times daily with abdominal cramping. He has an anti - sposmadic med PRN but "it never helps." The counselor and I feel there are other issues at play. The mom told counselor that her ex husband thinks she has made up illness for the student. And she offhandedly commented about him having psychosomatic issues "but this is not the case now." We have told her that we need an official diagnosis from a physician so we can maybe do a 504. Right now we are in that hamster wheel. Seems like it gets harder and harder to keep some of these kids in class. Help!!!
  9. EnoughWithTheIce

    Teacher awesomeness

    Unlike the PE coach who totally interrupted me while I was with a parent to talk about his diarrhea. I mean, really????
  10. EnoughWithTheIce

    Teacher awesomeness

    Or even better!! To not be called to the scene of possible vomit as if you can magically stop it.
  11. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    All of yesterday was a C'MON NOW!! Clinic full ALLL DAY LONG then my phone and computer go down for the entire afternoon and part of this morning. I had to borrow a laptop from the counselor to do an online CPS report and of course the site kept saying my password incorrect and after going a few rounds, I try to change my password and it said "cannot use same password." Today not as busy with students but now far behind from charting and answering tons of e-mails.
  12. EnoughWithTheIce

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    My favorite is when I call a parent and tell them their student has a 102.6 fever and they ask me if they need to pick them up. Yep!!! This is not a new rule, this rule has been around for a while.
  13. EnoughWithTheIce

    Pacer Test (May the odds be ever in my favor)

    Oh lordy!!! Today was the first day of track practice for 7th grade girls. I had 6 sent down all together as a nice little present - almost sooner than I could set my purse down. The AT is here in the mornings, not sure what she was doing - maybe she had 40 more in her office...
  14. EnoughWithTheIce

    Just sent my first via ambulance....

    Way to act quickly!!!
  15. EnoughWithTheIce

    C'Mon Now!

    When things fall into place and you actually have a good C'MON NOW moment!!! I sort of had an inkling that SPED aide sending kid home for illness without checking with me. I just sort of let it ride because my attendance clerk and I have such a great system for tracking who I send home and excuse (and I only had an inkling - no confirmation). I was pretty confidant it would come to light. Mom calls VP when she gets letter for unexcused absences. Well, VP asks for my documentation - none, since I did not send home or even know about. The kid was sent home for loose stools - well, she is on mirelax so she was sent home more for the aide's comfort in cleaning her than the kid. The aide looked like she wanted to fall through the floor because she knew she overstepped her boundaries. Principal puts foot down and says "only nurse can send ill kids home."