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  1. OK, I will take a closer look at that. Wasn't sure if that was the correct path but it makes the most sense. Maybe the issue before was that when applying for the TN license my residence was still in my old state, which is why my TN license is only a single state license. Thanks for responding!
  2. raisaru13

    Pay for top tier nurses in Nashville

    I don't have 20 years experience, but since no one else has posted I thought I would try to give you something! I have 7 years total experience, 5 of which are in my specialty. I have been making low 30's per hour the last few years. I understand specialty can have an affect on pay but I don't see why you wouldn't be making at least that much. Plus most places here are offering all kinds of sign on bonuses and BSN bonuses and travel expense bonuses so that's a plus at least starting out. Hope this was helpful!
  3. Hi everyone! First time posting to this site! I am hoping someone here will be able to help with this since I have been unable to find an answer to my specific circumstance. I moved to TN in 2019 from a non-compact state and applied for a single state license by endorsement without issue. I know for sure it is a single state license thru nursys. I am considering travel nursing and now that TN has been my permanent residence the last 2 years I want to change my single state license to a multistate license. No where on the TN BON website or thru Google search have I been able to find a straight answer on how I am to do this. Everything either addresses if people have had a TN license before 2018 (in which case they are grandfathered in I guess?) or to apply for single state licensure if coming from a non-compact state, which I did long ago. I understand the answer for this is probably simple, but I truly have not found the information that states plainly the steps I need to take, and I have not been able to get answer from the BON itself. I appreciate your time and information! Hope everyone is staying safe.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm hoping to find someone who has completed or is currently enrolled in the Illinois State University Family Nurse Practitioner program. I am in the middle of applying for the Fall 2019 term and want to do the program part time so I can continue to work full time. What was your experience in the program? The best parts and worst parts? Where clinical sites difficult to find? The website says that they only expect me to be on campus for classes once (maybe twice) a week, is this true or is there a lot of "extra" I should be prepared for? I would love suggestions from students in this program, or really from any students currently in a FNP program about how to prepare! Thanks!