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  1. Im going to try to keep this short. I am a manager at a home care company. I had a patient who passed away, however his nurse submitted a visit note for 2 days after he passed. I spoke with her, she has since given me 3 different stories about what happened, the most recent being that she saw the patient earlier in the week and forgot to change the date. I don't believe her. My bosses do believe her and want to do nothing about it. We are due for our DPH audit literally any minute now and I am nervous about doing the wrong thing. What would you do?
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    So my understanding is there is a flat rate of reimbursement based on diagnosis. So therapies are not going to be wanted very much. I know there have been massive layoffs in my area due to it. I am not sure how home health in general will survive under PDGM but I wonder if that's the real goal.

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