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  1. Blister on bunion

    Hi....would you classify a blood blister on a bunion a dti if It was caused by ill fitting shoes? I don’t think it should be but am being told differently. I’ve read npuap friction position paper but it isn’t very clear.
  2. DTI or abscess patient presented with a large (small golf ball size) area of induration to her right ischium. She is elderly (101) but moves around pretty good. At the center is a purple area, irregular in shape. She has no pain when pressure is applied. I...
  3. Documenting tissue type with a stage 2 pressure injury

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi! I’ve recently returned to wound care in a LTC facility. When the new npuap staging definitions were released, I was working in a different role. I’m having trouble with how tissue type should be documented for a stage 2. Clearly, this is a wound ...