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  1. selizabeth1

    Bellevue College Fall 2019 ADN Hopefuls

    Congratulations to those who’ve been accepted. I switched programs in January and still have several of the required textbooks...and the required embroidered Bellevue scrubs, sized medium. If anyone is interested, please send me a message. I’ll give super good prices on everything!
  2. selizabeth1

    Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Bellevue is a point system and the app process is long.
  3. selizabeth1

    Bellevue College Department of Nursing

  4. selizabeth1

    Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Great! Who is applying for Winter 2019? I'm nervous about points because I understand that the average for those invited to attend Fall 2018 was 14 points. I'm standing at 12, but still have to take the Writerplacer, which will give me at least one more point. My final push is for the volunteer hours and I am shooting for about 60 more to get to 80 by the end of September. In the end, I'm really hoping to have at least 14 points! What about everyone else?
  5. selizabeth1

    Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Greetings! Is this thread still alive? I am applying to the Winter 2019 cohort and would really like to chat with others who are doing the same.