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  1. jinpepito

    Blood products simultaneously

    Have you ever experienced giving 2 blood products at a time? True. He is alive and Im glad he didnt have any reaction. But I hope to know more in case it does happen again. Thank you for responding.
  2. jinpepito

    Blood products simultaneously

    Hello! I'm new to nursing and Im starting in ICU. I had a patient who was bleeding heavily. He needed FFP and PRBC. His blood pressure at the time was already dropping and his HR was increasing. At the time the patient was already receiving FFP when the doctor ordered PRBC. I wanted to know how many blood products can we administer at a time. He still needed more FFP and PRBC. could we administer 2 blood products at the same time because I wouldnt be able to tell which one caused a reaction if administered it simultaneously. Thank you!