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  1. thehurd456

    At a Crossroad

    I think we know what category we can place you in
  2. thehurd456

    At a Crossroad

    Hello All. I have a bit of internal struggle going on right now. I have been in school as an LA (Liberal arts) Major and I am struggling with the Idea of Nursing school. I want to be a Nurse ( former EMT for a decade) but I worked as a nursing assistant for an ER for two Months and hated it!! I felt like all did was change diapers and take vitals. I know its vital to Patient care, but I felt like "what am I doing here"? . The nurses (some, not all) where very stand-offish too. They made me feel like I was truly beneath them. The attitude above all made me leave. I understood my role is limited, but I felt like a "pee on" not a co-worker. Especially that we did ALL the grunt work. EMS has this to, but I felt like it was worse in the ED. I felt like this gave me a negative outlook at work and it showed which reflected on the job so I left. Its been just over a year since the ED and a year and half since I been on the Truck ( I do Telecom for a Hospital) and I have debated this issue with myself for some time now. I know that only I and I alone can decide to be a nurse, but I want to know if others have had some similar experiences with good outcomes in their careers? What is the Nurse Doctor dynamic like? Also, new nurse vs senior nurse, is that a rivalry? Should I expect a "mind" measuring contest every time I walk on to a unit? I miss treating patients and I miss the work, but if its like this in most places, I may reconsiders my options.