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  1. Coffeeandcasemanagement

    Can I lose my license over this?

    1. Can she get offended? Of course she can get offended. People get offended over less. It's what she does with her feelings of being offended. 2. Can I get fired over this? Eh. So many variables. #1, maybe she wasn't listening or paying attention. #2, she can't prove it. I'd tread lightly around her when she see her on the unit. And hey, no matter what happens, this is a good lesson/reminder that you just never know who's around you when you're out and about in public. I hope it all works out.
  2. Coffeeandcasemanagement

    Psychedelic Nursing

    I'm pretty sure this will never become an area of nursing practice- the drugs are illegal and nowhere near legalization. Even if they become legal- look at MJ- it took years for states to catch on and as we know, the BON frowns on it and nurses have lost their licenses for testing positive for MJ- had to enter PAP- can't see the board taking too kindly to mixing psychedelic drugs and nursing. Maybe someone who knows more can weigh in.
  3. Coffeeandcasemanagement


    Hi, I am not sure if we can advise you on this per TOS. My thoughts are that it would be inadvisable to do this due to the fact that while you may be doing "caregiver" non-nursing duties, the family may hold you to a higher sdtandard since they know you are a nurse. In addition- if something emergent was to happen while you were on the clock, I believe you would need to act as a nurse despite not being employed in that capacity. Even if the family says they will release and hold harmless any responsibility on your part, they may not know how they'll feel until something happens. And then they may change their tune. Just my two cents, and I am sure someone else will chime in.
  4. Coffeeandcasemanagement

    Question on Endorsement

    Thank you! I actually figured out what form to fill out, and where to send it. I overnighted it and I will call CA BON mid week. I spoke to TX BON too.
  5. Coffeeandcasemanagement

    Question on Endorsement

    Hi, all. Hoping for some help answering an endorsement question. In March I moved to TX from CA, and completed my endorsement application. (Most of it.) The only two items I had to complete were my verification of my CT license I held, and my CA license I held. I passed my jurisprudence test and my fingerprints were received. Here's where it gets panic inducing... I wasn't working and had my temp license, and then I started working, and forgot about filling out the requests. I did the CT one today- super easy through NURSYS. I panicked when I realized CA doesn't participate in NURSYS, and I only have until the end of the month to get the CA license verification sent in to TX! My question is- does anyone know how I can get this done? What happens if California doesn't communicate with TX by 7/31/19 when my tmep license expires? I am in an absolute panic and about to cry!