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  1. Ace2013

    NHSC Scholarship for Nurse Midwives?

    Hello! I am applying for the NHSC scholarship and was wondering if anyone had insight on how to make a strong package? How much does income play a role in the NHSC and Nurse scholarships? Thank you for the help! Ashleigh
  2. Hi all, I am a veteran who will be attending an entry-nursing program. I'll be receiving GI benefits. Will that make me uneligible for the NHSC scholarship?
  3. Ace2013

    Yale GEPN 2019

    Yes, everyone is supposed to hear whether they get an interview or not.
  4. Ace2013

    Yale GEPN 2019

    Hi guys! Just wanted to put everyone who's in the same position's minds are uneasy to rest. I haven't heard back either. I submitted on 1 October for midwife/WHNP. No news isn't the same as a rejection :)
  5. Ace2013

    Yale GEPN 2019

    Like midwifery students of past years, I as well have fallen in love with Yale's GEPN Midwifery program. This question is about the personal statement. Ive been told that this is the most important part of the application, and that it should tell your story. This was said by Dr. Korevec during the informational, so I'm fairly confident in knowing that's what they want. It should explain why Yale and why nursing. However, whenever someone proofreads my personal statement, they know I'm applying to Yale and say it reads too much like a story and not like a college application essay. It's happened like 3 times and now I'm not sure what to do. Any advice? thanks!

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