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  1. Nashville state community college fall 2022 Spring 2023

    Hi! Good to hear from someone. I emailed Nursing asking for an update on Tuesday and on got a response. She said they have sent out the first round of acceptance letters (emails) and are still working on it. I didn’t get one 😞. Still hopefu...
  2. Hello 👋🏽 I was looking for a thread about the upcoming class at Nashville state community community nursing program and decided to get one going. I’d like to just communicate with others about the upcoming acceptance emails. I’m excited and ner...
  3. That's so awesome congratulations!!!! Been praying for you! I accepted a seat as well @hendersonville. Yay for us!
  4. I appreciate that. With it being rolling admissions I really thought that they would accept it like first come first serve as long as the minimum qualifications were met. I'm not sure now, but don't you lose hope either.
  5. That's good that everyone seems nice. I've spoken to Cathy before she does seem nice and very helpful. I was so confident when submitting my application. My GPA is a 3.5, but as time passes and knowing some have already been accepted I've become less...
  6. That's awesome! I'm happy you got to go! Thank you for the information. Is Dr Davis one of the instructors? I really hope I get in as well. 30-38 isn't very many. I will be praying we both get accepted.
  7. Thank you, it's been pretty awful honestly. I didn't get to make it. Pretty bummed out. Did you get to go? How was it? Learn anything new? I hope y'all enjoyed it.
  8. Thank you! I planned to go but I'm not sure now. Having necessary dental work done Wednesday so it depends on my pain after. I'm hoping to make it
  9. Good luck to you all. My course work has been verified for two weeks now and I still haven't heard anything.
  10. Portage learning prerequisites

    Hi, I'm currently in apII with portage. I've been in it wayyyy too long but that's because I have a ton going on with regular classes and work. You can take one test per day per class. Ap II has 6 lecturer exams and 8 lab exams. I have a friend who f...
  11. Okay thanks for the reply. It's only been two days since I got the under review email..
  12. Hi, I submitted my application and the school emailed me saying it's under review. How long did you all have to wait between it being under review and getting your acceptance emails?
  13. Thanks. I decided that I am going to go ahead and apply. I have to wait on one more transcript to get to NursingCAS. I hope I'm not too late. I've been beating myself up about it every since I read this thread last night
  14. Congratulations! I am planning on applying for the Spring 19 cohort soon. Did you guys have all of your prerequisites complete? I wanted to wait until I finish AP11 but now I'm thinking maybe I should go ahead and submit my application..