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  1. plantladyrn

    Job hopping?

    I am a new nurse (6mo) who is looking to relocate. Would it look bad to have a new job so suddenly? And in a year and a half we would probably move again (military). I am worried that I might look like a job hopper. I want to relocate because my significant other lives in another state and I’m not a big fan of where I live. Would I still be marketable to an employer because of this? It’s not because I hate my job I love it, it’s just the location issues.
  2. plantladyrn

    Moving too soon?

    New nurse for only 7 months who has been working on an inpatient unit and actually doesn’t hate her job. I’m not sure the hospital is for me but I am hanging in there. I absolutely hate where I live, just recently moved here and was thinking about relocating to another state where my significant other lives. Other factors didn’t allow me to relocate there in the first place. However because he is military we would have to move within two years to another location. I am debating on whether I should stick with the job I have now for a year and some change or try to make the move and have multiple nursing jobs within my first 2 years of nursing. The place I live is awful and my mental health is in the toilet because of it- the only thing I actually like is my job but I’m not sure if it’s worth sticking around for?? I’m young and hate the idea of wasting time in a place I hate but would rather stick it through if my career would be harmed by moving around like crazy!! Any advice for a new grad who is confused as heck??